Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thinking on Thanksgiving

I love this time of year....Thanksgiving and Christmas and decorating and Christmas music
and lights and cooking and the Macy's Day parade... oh my, the parade.

One day we will go to that parade.
It's a family little goal that we've said we would love to day, maybe, hopefully.
So our day usually starts out with getting up_ putting on the parade_ and watching all of the people freeze to death while they try to sing & dance. I always feel bad for them but thankful for being in the warmth of my home still in my pj's. ;)

We have sort of a small breakfast meanwhile I'm cooking all the while. 
Getting everything ready for our Thanksgiving dinner. We've lived away from family for awhile 
so we usually do it with just us. And if we have someone we know who doesn't have anywhere to go 
or no family we invite them to come too. When the food gets ready usually around 1ish-2ish, we eat

We started a few years back with our kids where we go around the table and each one of us has to say what we're thankful for and then we have to give a compliment to each person or communicate what we're thankful for them in particular about. I cry most of time and I'm not a big crier but it 's just something about the holidays and thankfulness that always starts me off with a hu-uge lump in my throat and then I have to let it out. After dishes are all put in the dishwasher and food put away hubs has to put on football and I start breaking out the Christmas decorations

We usually get our tree done and if I feel like doing some of the other house I do, if not I leave it 
and for the next couple of days we get them all put up. 
Hannah gave me the idea where she starts on Thanksgiving by giving some small gifts to each family member in preparation for Christmas that's coming. I love that idea and this year I'm starting it.
Just small little happys that I'm going to give to my kiddos and hubs. I'm trying to really put thought into them and one thing I know I'm going to do is hubs and I are going to write a letter to each of our kids. Just about things that have happened throughout the year with each one.

We close out the night with usually playing a game while drinking some hot chocolate
and feeling more than full. Full of food & dessert of course, but also full because of how extremely blessed we are. 
It's overwhelming for me when I think about it all. 
And sleep always finds us with full hearts.....

**These pictures are from last year... so bear with them. They are very blurry..pre-camera days
and pre-knowing how to use**

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Heather :)


  1. I love the idea of putting up the tree on Thanksgiving!! That is a great tradition. And how gorgeous is that white tree!! I love how LOVING your family is Heather! Happy Holidays to you all! xoxo

  2. I love watching the parade to!
    Stopping by from Gussy's!

  3. love it-very similar to our house tradition;)
    and yep. we have a parade goal, too;)
    i've been in the city a week before the parade and it's gorgeous and already decked out for christmas!

    love you, heather!

  4. I love traditions and the fact that you have made so many special ones at this time of the year

  5. Happy thanksgiving! We celebrate thanksgiving in October here in Canada.. I love holidays and how they seem to bring family together!
    Be blessed!

  6. Wish y'all could join us this year....but what y'all have going on is pretty darn special.

  7. You're inspiring...we don't even have a Christmas tree and decided since we will be visiting family the whole time we won't even buy one or decorate for the holidays. Maybe after we've been married longer, have more space, and know we won't be moving it next summer cross country ;)

    Your little family is cute!

  8. Ahhh, I'm so excited about Thanksgiving just by reading this post!!

  9. I get very emotional through the holidays too. Something about Thanksgiving & Christmas that makes me feel so blessed. We always have the parade on in our house. Wouldn't it be so awesome to be there?

  10. I love this post and all your traditions that you set for yourself and are creating this year! (love that gift idea!) We are just a small family of three and currently still go to other houses for Thanksgiving... this really made me realize that one day I will have to grow up and actually make our own thanksgiving meal... oh dear. :) I should learn to cook better!

    Thank you for sharing with us!