Friday, November 11, 2011

Green Grass

This is one of those posts that have been on my heart but has sat in my inbox for a couple
of days. Not even sure why all the way, but usually I have found that
means definitely I need to hit "publish". :)
So here goes....I was talking with my cousin the other day when she said something that struck me. 
She said "I have looked at your family and wondered how you do it all". 
How do you have what you have_ afford it_ do the things that you do....  
I too have been guilty of the same. 
That she would share with me those feelings_ the thoughts that she had. 
She knew they were wrong and she communicated to me that she was sorry for voicing it to others.

She's younger than me and though I've never had a sister she would come the closest. 
We spent our days, everyday as kids together. 
My mom worked full time and so my Aunt (mom's sister) kept me. 
I got off the bus at their house and many days ate supper with them. 
We spent our Summers riding 4-wheelers_ swimming_ playing office_ having dress-up contests_ fighting and then making up.... like we were siblings.

For me, it was humbling and confirmation because just prior to that I had had this conversation with another family member. You know the ole' saying "the grass always looks greener on the other side",
  on someone else's side... and even though we know this to be false, sometimes the feelings_
thoughts come and reasoning falls by the way. 
You see others who have so much and who don't seem to have any struggles financially and you wonder how they do it? How do they afford the extra curricular activities all 4 of their kids are involved in_ insurance_ the new clothes that little Susie needs because she's outgrown everything from last year_ food_ their beautiful home decor_ and now Christmas coming_ 
the list can keep growing. 
On paper so many times our finances haven't cut it, but you know what.... we have never gone without. Why? Because of the Lord. Jode and I have always tried to put Him first in everything that we do.. have we been perfect at it? gosh, no! Do we still have instances arise that we don't know how we're going to afford or come to do? yes, of course. We struggle with different things_
sometimes we struggle in life_ but we have hope_ the Hope.
Just recently Jode was able to pick up some side jobs as well as play guitar for a church that will
bring in some extra money for Christmas... we know these opportunities only come because of
God and His faithfulness to always meet our needs. He has done it in our past and so I rely on that
past faithfulness for our future needs to come.

I try to be as honest and "real" as I can be on this blog sharing here the days that take more effort as well as the days that seem perfect. But we all know that's never true_ nothing is perfect. 
And that's just the beauty of it_ There will be times when I share what we're going through that may not be pretty but I never want to spend too much time camp out there for too long. 
I feel like it elevates and puts too much focus on the one who wants us to fail_ that comes to steal_
kill and destroy. So I choose instead to focus on God's goodness_ His perfect plan...because even though sorrow is sure to come we know His joy will always follow in the morning. 
and "I've come to realize that the grass is pretty green over here." 

Heather :)


  1. I love the reminder to focus on God's goodness. It is easy to get distracted from that simple truth.

  2. Great post girl. I think we have all been there a time or two when we wondering how "so and so" has so much....God has certainly been so faithful to y'all and to us through the years. We always have more than we deserve. So thankful He is the one who waters our "grass"...even when it seems like He's letting it get all yellow and crunchy, we always have enough! Thanks for hitting publish. This will be a blessing to many.

  3. ps. great pictures of the girls!

  4. Amazing pictures! :) I think this post is so honest and your faith and trust in God is so have an unshakeable faith, even in the most trying and unsure times of life. :)

  5. I absolutely love this post girl. SO very true. :)

  6. This post definitely resonated with me. Like everyone, I have worried about how to make it all work... especially with Christmas coming. Recently hubby and I have had the opportunity to bring in some extra $ and somehow things have all come into place. I am certain this is all because of faith in God and his taking care of us when we need it. Thank you for voicing what all of us have thought at some point or another. Its nice when you realize the grass is green on yours side.

  7. Girl, I just love your honesty. I am always about keeping it real and where I come from sometimes it's frowned upon...people like to put on 'airs' I just can't. I learned from my first blog that you never ever know who you are reaching and helping by being honest. You have a beautiful family, and a beautiful heart and I am so blessed to call you my friend. xoxo (oh and why don't you come over one day this week and we will just hang out and do some kind of craft at my house or something) :)

  8. When I was growing up, my mom used to tell me, "Sarah Kate, eat your own grass." I think that corresponds with 'the grass is always greener' saying. And it's so right. You use what you've got, and you don't dwell on what others have that you don't. Sometimes easier said than done, though! :o)