Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tourin' the Youngest & a Curtain Tutorial

Little by little we continue to fix-up and make our new house "ours".

By putting our fingerprints on it_ in it_ by weaving them through the walls as we paint, or on the floors as we scrub…
The people inside are what make up our home
of this I'm sure.
But this process of taking what the Lord has given and turning it back over in anyway that we can is exciting and fun and I can’t wait to see ultimately how He chooses to use it.
It will be a process that we’re in no hurry to finish.
We just want to take it one step at a time and do a little as we live... we haven't had that option since renting/leasing most of our lives.
So it feels nice to paint my sons' wall purple because he loves LSU...ha, kidding, I mean he would absolutely love that, but I told him we've got to find a happy-medium here.
That's the thing when they’re little, you can do their room really cute and such...but not so much as they get older and have their own likes/dislikes. They think they know what looks best and so i have to take the back seat with my great ideas and go with their great ideas and sometimes i have to bite my lip...hard, real hard...and just bare it..because after all it is their room and i want their creativeness to shine through.

Ok. anyways, moving on..youngest had a trundle that she
slept on until moving here. Her and middle shared a room and there
wasn't enough space for 2 beds so it worked perfectly.
She used that for the first couple of weeks and we knew we had to find her a bed. 
That.. and she kept reminding us that she didn’t have a bed and everyone else did. Craigslist is the bestest sometimes and we were able to find her the cutest kind
 of Pottery Barn-ish looking one.
Then came Target's hu-ge clearance in their bedding dept. and waa-lah her 
bedroom is pretty much completed on a very limited budget.
This is one of my fav things..the ruffly cotton sheets...pure sweetness..
and $4.94 from the Target clearance things.

For her curtains I bought a $5 twin flat sheet from Wal-mart and cut it in half.
I'm not big on measurements and in hindsight probably should have measured her windows or thought about getting a Full sheet for the extra width...but i was thinking cheapness and doing it for less and so the $5 seemed to be the better choice at the time. If you want more coverage I recommend going with the
Full instead.

Next i found Fabric tacks at Hobby Lobby and then i got 6yds of red pompom fringe and hot glued it onto the inside edges of the sheet.I was pleased with how it came out and $11 for cuteness window treatments isn’t too bad.

Now we're on to getting middle's room done. 
Then we'll do oldest's and lastly I'll think about me & hubs. 
Until then I'm just enjoying the process ...
Heather :)


  1. Looks so cute! :) I love the big READ! :)

  2. okay what an awesome idea to use the sheet as a curtain! I am going to use your brains when we are decorating a house!

  3. I love your decorating posts. You have a natural eye for design.

  4. so cute! I like the twinkle lights : )

  5. Love this! When we bought our house we had a purple room ~ DARK Laker purple with a yellow stripe {I will never know why}. I love the reminder that I need to let “their creativity shine through.” I think in my serch for perfection I may take that away from them. Thanks for that! XoXo

  6. This is beautiful! I love the lights and the curtains! You are amazing.

  7. I love that you used hot glue instead of sewing, I can't sew! Awesome idea, LOVE the red!!!

  8. I love the whole look of her room! You did a great job! :)

  9. so precious ... and the curtain idea ... LOVE IT!

  10. so pretty!!! i especially love the twinkle lights. :) great job on the curtains, too! love it.

  11. Those are adorable. I think pom pom makes everything better! :) Haven't been by in awhile, loved catching up! LOVED the Paula Deen post, I love her too!! And the apple orchard pics are wonderful!

  12. Can you come decorate my house? I just LOVE your style!!

  13. You did such a great job with those curtains! I love how the red trim really makes them stand out! I bet she's proud of her room! :o)

    We bought an old house in the country that needs some MAJOR TLC. We are just taking it one-two rooms at a time. Eventually our special touches will be everywhere, too! :o)

  14. Aghh! Her room is adorbs! (first time I've ever said that! Love her curtains girl. She is growing up with her big girl style y'all got going on.