Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Can You Feel It?

Christmas is coming....
So much expectation_ so many emotions
For unto us a child will be born
the one who will take away the sins of the world
God could have chosen anything
He could have had a certain animal die_ a whole day lived out in darkness_ but He didn't
He chose for his only child to be born so that He could then let him die for all of our ugliness_ our sin.
Christmas is coming

The world is preparing- as we shop & give_ I can just feel it in the air
A baby is coming and just as we prepared for our own to come_
Getting everything ready_ the room set up_ the clothes bought_ going to baby showers
The expectation continues to build as it leads up to their arrival
I wonder about Mary's building expectation & emotions_ because she believed in the child she was carrying in her belly_ she KNEW Christmas was coming

I feel joy wanting to erupt that comes from down in the depths of my insides
And I want to shout it from the rooftops "Christmas is coming!"
I don't want to miss it.
because Christmas came_
now we get to live_ we get to go_ we get to tell it....

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  1. Heather!! I heard this song on the radio yesterday for the first time (of course I have heard this song but not this version) and I immediately came home and played it for my husband. It is amazing! So ironic :-)

  2. needtobreathe + christmas = LOVE.

    ps i'm going to see them in March and I'm SO excited!

  3. i feel it girl! awesome song. my honey recorded in the studio they record in. i felt starstruck. : )

  4. This is beautiful. I can feel it ! xoxo