Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Randomness

Ya'll I'm guest posting over at Hannah's today for her Sharing Christmas series. 
When she emailed and asked if I would share a post, I felt honored.
Hannah is a gem and anytime I hear from her I feel just that_ honored... that she would take the time
to read and comment. 
Her story and love for the Lord is contagious. 
So go check out my recipe for "the Christmas Scent" I shared on her blog today.

We had a great little weekend. Friday hubs surprised me in the middle of the day by saying he wanted 
to go to Wal-Mart. I was not amused and could not figure out what the deal was with him wanting to 
go to...Wal-MArt. He hates Wal-MArt... like with a passion. He would almost rather me pay extra somewhere else for groceries than to go to our Wal-Mart. So thankfully, I caved and we went to the Wally world only to walk out being a proud owner of this.

My California friend Nina Bina had told me about this Brother sewing machine that was here for the holidays costing only $55. So I had mentioned this to my hubs. I have a birthday right after Christmas so I figured between Christmas & birthday money I would have enough to get one. 
This is how good God is though. Friday hubs had a chance to help a friend and make some extra money that was supposed to only pay $50 but when the guy went to pay him he gave him $100 instead. 
How awesome is that? Hubs was afraid they would sell out and be gone so he wanted to get it now instead of waiting. And I'm scu-red ya'll because I don't know how to sew...but I am determined to learn.

Speaking of Nina Bina she also mentioned to me about FuelPerks at Bi Lo and how much money you can save on gas. I definitely knew of Fuel perks and every time I check out they always tell me how many I have accumulated but I never knew what the full deal was with them. Until now...I filled up last week and used those babies saving a whole 45cents off every gallon. 
And now I'm kinda obsessed with them...

Saturday started off with some painting. Remember how I told you J had painted the door a pretty blue just in time for Christmas. Yea, wellllll he did paint it and for 2 weeks it was Ok...but then it just started not working. The inside of the door is painted too so it was one of those things when every time I passed it something just didn't feel right with it. 

So this is what my door looks like now and I'm lovin' it. It just feels right now...first it was black_
then it was blue_ and now it's yellow. Maybe we'll paint it a different color every season.... actually 
hubs says he doesn't think even a bullet could get through all the layers of paint on our door and now I'm wondering why he even used that as an example....

Later that evening I cooked up some Taco Soup for some friends and we played mexican Dominoes. 
It has been a long time since I've played but it was a lot of fun getting re-introduced to it and losing all 4 times. 

Sunday was church day and then that afternoon I had the opportunity to photograph some friends for their Christmas picture. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. It went so quickly that I kept questioning myself feeling like maybe I hadn't gotten the shots that I needed or wanted. But let me just tell ya they are such a good looking couple that I had a hard time picking my favorite! 
Thank you Jess & Dave for being my very first adults to photograph.

To close out Sunday night hubs asked the kids to pick one person that came to mind that they should pray for. There's something about hearing our kids pray that is piercing & powerful. Oldest prayed for his friend. That he would be an example to him and specifically that he would have a desire to attend church. Youngest prayed for a neighbor and their whole family. And middle prayed for her friend's salvation...that when they are separated next year because of going to different middle schools that she would know Jesus that way when they get to heaven she can find her.

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  1. oooh! i am sending my husband the link to that sewing machine. i want one so bad! :) i love your front door too!

  2. what a totally cute machine! LOVE the door of many colors. and i want your taco soup recipe. pretty please. and thank you.

    :) xo

  3. yea ... you did a great job on the photoshoot!

  4. Love taco soup. Made it for the first time a few weeks ago and I can't believe w hat I was missing. That is a really cool sewing machine. Start small - I started a quilt as my first project... then stopped and made some napkins, pillows and curtains. Still haven't finished that quilt, but I love little projects.

  5. Do you think the sewing machine would be user friendly for a novice? Great job with the Christmas photo. : )

  6. Ok as someone who never knew how to hand OR machine before starting my business, Im behind you 100% on the new maching. You're going to have soooo much fun! And knowing how talented you are I cant wait to see what you start creating with it!
    Happy Monday

  7. that machine is sooo cute! and for $55 it's a steal! good buy!

    p.s. i heart your yellow door.

  8. Shoot girl you just make me smile. Love the post. Thanks for the soup, the fun and the friendship. Y'all are the best. Oh and I DID win two rounds of those stupid dominoes and I SILL came in dead last! lol.

  9. So jealous! A sewing machine has been on my list for the last few year- my birthday is the week before Christmas...but still haven't gotten one. Maybe this year!