Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Tunes

You're probably tired of hearing me talk about the song the "Little Drummer Boy" but it's my favorite!
I think this dates back to my childhood.
I remember my brother having a version {I would love to know which one he had} that he would play on his record player. I would hang out by his door just so I could listen.... you know because he had the big stereo cabinet with the 2 huge speakers that would rock your face off if you sat in front of them.
My how the times have changed. But that's a good thing...

When I first heard MercyMe's version it just "spoke" to me. Because I could put myself in the song. When the song kicks in I feel it. So much emotion and I can only imagine playing my drum for Jesus or living my life in a way that worships Him.... living it out humbly but letting it speak loudly to others.

So in case you wanted to take a listen to some of my fave versions here they are...

1. Mercy Me

And when I looked up the "little drummer boy"  from MercyMe a few weeks back I found this version done by Aaron Gillespie from the band  "The Almost." I googled him because I had never heard of him and then read his testimony and it was pretty awesome-sauce stuff. He grew up in church but they didn't want him to play because he played too loudly......hmmmm. 
Granted his regular music {not Christmas} is kinda hard-ish and isn't on my playlist but I love his passion in this video and in playing this song. 

2. Aaron Gillespie

And just a little extra goodness for you on this Friday.. Coldplay's "Christmas Lights" will be going down as one of my faves too.

3. Coldplay

Happy Friday!


  1. My momma handed down a sweet old music box to me of the Little Drummer Boy. I have such great memories of carefully turning the knob on his back to hear the song when I was little. You can see him here:
    We have to be really gentle with it now because its so old but the memories come flooding back every time I see it:)
    Merry Christmas!