Thursday, December 22, 2011

In a Pickle

Do you guys' have a pickle?
Not the real refrigerated kind_ although my kids love them some real pickles, too.
Do you have the little ceramic pickle that your supposed to hide in your Christmas tree?

We started this tradition about 5 years ago.
You hide the pickle in the tree and after all the gifts are opened on Christmas day and some of the excitement has died down we then would turn the kids loose to find it.
Then whoever found it got a present_ the last present of the day.
I try and get a gift that they all can get enjoyment out of like a board game_ a movie_
this year they got a new Wii game.
They've had this whole week out of school and it's been rainy every single day.
So not much playing has been done outside and they needed a little pick-me-up.
We decided to play the pickle game early_ last night.
And instead of hiding it in the tree {i was fearful of how the tree would look if they went after it in there} we came up with a new plan.
J wrote out a little poem/rhyme giving them clues and they had to find it in the house.
The very last line said something about  "mom loves them when their lit up."
Gray found it hidden in the Dining Room hanging on the lamp.

Awhile back I found these pickles at our Dollar Tree for a $1 all packaged cute-si-fied in a jar with a saying on them. They would have made perfect little happies for someone. So if you still have time and want to play the Pickle Game run go grab one... for a picklin' good time! :)

** only 3 days to go....**


  1. aw this is such a sweet and fun tradition! :)

  2. I had a pickle growing up and I can't wait to have one when we have kids!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey... this is J! by the way... who is J? since when do I go by J? just want you to know how much i love to check out wearetheholdens each day. i love to see this side of you and our knuckle-heads. you inspire me to be greater than i could ever be! love you - J

  4. ok, first of all I LOVE Jode's comment above!! Y'all are just the cutest couple ever. If we were in high school you would get 'class couple' :) okay and second, I had never heard of the pickle thing until last week. We were at our other friends house and they do it too! I just love that idea! I will have to try it next year.

  5. My family does this every year too!! My parents, in good, fair tradition, always got us all similar presents that we all opened as soon as one of us found the pickle ornament. I love that you get a present they can all enjoy. Such a fun tradition.



  6. What an adorable idea!