Thursday, December 8, 2011

Come on In {Christmas Decor}

Come on in ya'll and let's take a tour of my home.
I'm linking up today with Gussy Sews for the inspiration_ Christmas Decorations and 
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I love, love Christmas and have always grown up around a lot of decorations.
Growing up my family and extended family all lived on the same property and we {they} were known for their outdoor decorations at Christmas. People would come from all over just to ride through our neighborhood....this was before you could set your radio station to play a tune to the dancing of lights too! We had a huge nativity_ my Aunt & Uncle had a humongous lit up star that sat at the very top of their roof pitch_ there were hanging things_ and moving things...good times. But a lot of work. 
Looking back now as an adult I really don't know how they did it each year. I remember my Aunt going through rows & rows of lights testing them and changing 
out bulbs if a line was out... my few strings for my tree can wear me out.
Anywho let's get started....

I've always had a green tree up until 2 years ago when I decided to go with the pink & turquoise decor
and my mom bought me a white tree to go along with it. I like to change things up so I'm not sure how long the whole white tree thang will last but for now it 's light & bright_ and kinda retro feeling.

My kids take turns each year being the one who places the angel at the top of the tree. They always seem to remember whose turn it is.... and I'm glad they do. Hubs used to hold them up while they placed it on top but they're getting a little too big for that now.

This snow globe is one of my fave things...

The feather tree is another thing I really like but is starting to look kinda bad. A lot of the feathers are missing and it has started to lean... I'm not even sure how that happened or why but I can't bare to part with it yet.

The crown is always set out for us to remember that He is the King of Kings. Which is the whole reason we celebrate Christmas. It also reminds me of the wise men who brought gifts to baby Jesus.

Over on the right of the fireplace are my daddy's boots. He was a builder and these were his boots he wore everyday to work. They are very dear to my heart....

And my most fave thing is this nativity. Years ago we lived in Pennsylvania and one year while in Costco I spotted this nativity. It was a splurge and I knew it but I also knew how worth it it would be. It has been through many a miles and many of years with my kids. One of Joseph's fingers has been lost and baby Jesus has gone missing a time or too. Especially back when the kids were smaller and had to touch everything. 
Nevertheless it is the reason we have any decorations out in our home. 
It is the reason that we have Hope_ that we celebrate our Savior being born.

 I always imagine myself there that night...being a wise man, or someone who came to see the baby... Jesus. 
I think this is why the little drummer boy is my all time favorite Christmas song. 
I imagine myself there seeing or even being the one to play my drum for Him. 
Can you imagine the emotion... the pure joy... wanting so badly to play your very best for Jesus?
Even now I think about that song and I want to play my best for Him. 
To only worship the One who was born in a stable to take away the sins of the world_ to take away my sins_ all those years ago.

"Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests."
Luke 2:14


  1. Your decor is amazing!!!! I'm in LOVE!!

  2. 1. I LOVE your tree. Seriously, that is RIGHT up my alley. Also, your holiday color palette is totally cute.

    2. Those sequined teal/green and red throw pillows...where did you get those? I need some...

    3. Love your nativity scene. I'm going to buy my first one this year and I can't wait!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

  3. Love it all!! What a festive and fun home you have this holiday season. Love the white tree, maybe whenever I have a home where I can have two, I will have a white one of my own, I really like it!

  4. i LOVE everything!! your house is so cute and fun!! :)

  5. I couldn't love your white tree anymore! It looks so whimsical! And did you make that turquoise rosette pillow??? I can't wait to get a nativity scene when we have the room for it!

  6. I love white trees! They look so chic.

  7. The other night after we left your house Gianna said 'I just love the way Heather decorates her house!' :) It all looks fantastic and let me tell you I was going to ask who the boots belong to and now that I know the story it just makes me smile. What a great thing to have.

  8. I can't get over how beautiful your home is! I am OBSESSED with your crown molding and paneling!! So gorgeous!!! Love your decor-- you are so talented!

  9. i am adoring your christmas decoration style. so modern, and FUN.
    and that crown is AMAZING. what a beautiful picture you are painting for your family.

  10. This is so cheery and makes me so happy! Do you just walk around your house with a constant smile on your face?! How could you not! :) Lovely job!!

  11. thanks for the tour. that white tree ROCKS

  12. I love how colorful everything is! And the crown is just PERFECT...I'm going to have to hunt for one for my house.

  13. I love your bright whimsical colors and decor, really wonderful. I especially love the feather-decked chandelier, adorable!

  14. Your house is so bright and cheerful! I love it!!

  15. Your decorations are delightful, I enjoyed the tour.

  16. LOVE the tree topper - where did you get her? I did the white tree last year for the first time and LOVE it!

  17. i love how happy and colorful it all is!!! that yellow door is awesome! i painted the front door of our old house that color and i miss it! just the door though- i like the new house much better. :)
    anyhow, lovely and happy!

  18. What a gorgeous home! Thanks for sharing the holidays with us :) I love all the bright, happy colors and retro feel. Merry Christmas!