Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crazy Love

New friends_ old friends_ friendship that hasn't even come to be, yet.
They're all so exciting to me and today I got to meet and have coffee with a new friend.
Hold up, not coffee, I got to have my first Pumpkin Spice Latte for the season.

So many of you know SoSoBella and her amazingly beautiful creations.
I don't own one yet, but I hope to real soon.
Well she lives in big ole' California and I live in little ole' S.C.
But Kristy from SoSoBella has a friend named Nina who just moved to S.C. about 2 months ago.
And Kristy decided to refer Nina over to my blog beings we both live in the same state.
Nina then emails and tells me what city she lives in and gives me a little info on herself (which I was thankful for...always leary of the creepers) which turns out to be the same city I live in...isn't this great? We emailed a few times back & forth and decided to meet for coffee this morning.

Isn't God awesome? The fact that he would work through Kristy in Ca, that I've never met, to have me meet Nina, who literally lives 10 minutes from me...is crazy awesome_ crazy love.
He lavishes us with crazy love and I don't ever want to take it for granted.
I choose to believe that He is constantly working on my behalf for my good.
And only He can know what is good for me.
This morning was filled with laughter_ conversation of family_ dreams of the future_ blogging_
reality shows_ & Robert James Ritchie (Nina likes Kid Rock).
It was a great morning spent getting to know a new soul.

Had I never started blogging back in April I would have never gotten to meet you.
This has opened up a whole new world to me and I'm so thankful.
For each one of you, and for every time you write and I'm allowed into your world_
wherever that may be.
Some of you are in small towns_ big cities_ some a new state_ on a farm_ in apartments_ wherever you are makes no difference because we're all brought together when we hit that button to publish our post..
I think of Hannah and her pairing of ladies to start us as pen pals.
Stephanie at Four on the Shore is now the friend I get to write & receive letters from each month.
So thank you for having open hands & open hearts. 
My life has been enriched by you.
New friends are good_ old friends are good_ sharing life with other people is good_
and God is good.

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Heather :)


  1. i love blogging. makes the world a bit smaller.
    in a good way.

    and i love meeting bloggie buds. it's the best. :)

    and i also love the PSL. i have two starbucks rewards coupons - i think i'll be using one on friday morning as a treat for making it through the week. ;)

  2. This is exactly why I love blogging so much. I am so glad you met a new friend!

  3. The first pumpkin spice latte of the season is a BIG DEAL! And I agree with cuppakim.. Blogging makes the world smaller in a great way!

  4. How awesome!!! God loves us so much, he gives us such wonderful gifts. :0) I hope he richly blesses you and your new friend Nina. I love how the blogging world has opened up so many new friendships to me. I've never met any of them, but my new blog friends are on my thoughts and in my prayers as if I've known them forever. It's so neat.

  5. that IS awesome, especially because it does remind us of God's crazy love for us. and just like a great parent, He loves to surprise his kids with gifts. what a wonderful one you got from Him in Nina. thanks for sharing.

  6. I love this. God works in such amazing ways! And I love seeing how blogging changes someones life!

  7. aww Heather, this brought tears to my eyes! I had a great time meeting you. God knows that being the new kid in town is tough and wants to help us both in our new town! :) Can't wait to do it again!

  8. i just had my first pumpkin spice frappucino the other day! yummy... and i just got my pen pal from hannah today! so excited about that. :) lora

  9. What a sweet post. I love that! I might just need to go sign up for a pen pal myself :)

  10. hooray for friends in unexpected places. love love LOVE it!
    blogging and the sweetness it brings has been a lifeline to me. we have lived here for two years now and STRUGGLE to get to know folks. very hard. praise jesus for the online pals!

    love you so much, heather! xo

  11. I know I'm commenting again but I wanted to reply to your comment, but the e-mail won't let me so I wrote you:

    AMEN! I love that line "So glad he got the hat, but he actually got so much more" that's EXACTLY how my heart felt. <3

    Thanks for your sweet comment! <3

  12. isn't this the sweetest thing! i love how God shows us His love in the big and small things.

  13. That is sooooo very very awesome, and I am suuuper happy for you girl! Meeting new friends is always fun and exciting! I'm still waiting to meet a blog friend in my area :b

  14. this is one of those really great things about blogging...i've met some awesome people through this crazy world!

  15. God is so good! Oh my goodness, this is amazing! This post was so encouraging, as well. Thank you! It gave me hope of what's to come! xo

  16. That is sooo fun! I love it. And isn't Hannah's Pen friends one of the greatest things ever?! I am blessed by you!

  17. you wrote that beautifully! it's very true! God will work through our modern ways of communicating to bring us together. its so cool. love this. xoxo

  18. Well, the next time I visit my sister in SC, I'm visiting you:)

  19. What an awesome gift! And a beautifully written post :)

  20. #1. i love fake blog friends that are real blog friends. even thought my husband thinks i'm a little cuckoo cuckoo for cocoa puffs when i talk about them. #2. just read your about me for the first time. GIRL. you have a story! LOVE LOVE LOVE your willingness to follow God wherever He leads.

  21. I love the connections that this we can make through our blogs. Such a blessing when they become real life.

  22. What a wonderful post.. so inspiring! I'm so glad you were able to meet a new friend.. and you already had 2 things in common (a mutual friend and blogging) before even meeting each other! Awesome :)

  23. How awesome is that- making real life friends through the blog! Glad you all got to meet up.

  24. Hi Heather. So happy you got to have coffee with Nina. Wish I lived closer, I would have joined ya :)

  25. What a neat story! And yay for pumpkin spice lattes!