Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just pick a color

We have been in our house for 1 week and 3 days as of today and it feels like forever 
since I've blogged. I really needed the time to just focus on unpacking_ kiddos_ 
& to have some down time... and it has been nice. sigh....Did I mention we still haven't 
closed on our house yet? Ummm, yea you read that right... our close keeps getting pushed back. 
It was supposed to be last week..then yesterday...and now they're saying by the end of 
this week. I've just had to give that one up because otherwise I would let it worry me silly, 
know what I mean.

So far, we've managed to unpack a whole slew of boxes_ we hung curtains in the downstairs 
over the weekend_ and Jode painted our dining room on Thursday a pretty color 
called Comfort Grey.

before picture


I can't decide if I'm keeping the rug or not. Also, i haven't hung anything in here yet...still just working it all out in my head. And sometimes I have to work it out on the wall. 
Like hang something to have it not work and then re-hang...yea, I'm thankful Jode is a handy little man. Wait, he's not little though...

K, and this light fixture made me want this house even more the first time we walked inside. 
I think I've envisioned it every color imaginable in my head...and they all look so darn cute. 
Which leads me to the problem of what color should I paint it? 
I think I'm leaning towards yellow right now. Like this....

These fire hydrants are all throughout our neighborhood and they just make me smile.  
I have a lot of accents within the house in yellow and I think it will be fun...but then 
I start thinking maybe I should just do like a white or grey to stay kind 
of neutral and it is in the dining room. 
I've decided on painting the living room in grey.. and our bathroom. So grey just seems to be the color. But I really have to decide fun/eclectic or neutral/constant... 
see the madness that goes on in this head of mine.

Comfort Grey is really a Sherwin Williams color but Jode works for Pittsburgh Paint 
so they were able to match it in their paint and he managed to keep his job that way. jk. 
So it all worked out perfectly. 

We also got to have some friends over on Monday for Labor Day. 
Our first get-together_ with friends_ hang-out. 
That's the best part of having a house... getting to have people over. 
Jode grilled up some chicken, hamburgers & hot dogs, while I made baked beans, 
broccoli, grape, & pasta salad, and skillet apple pie.  

The salad and pie are 2 new recipes in the September issue of Southern Living magazine and 
let me just tell you..Oh my goodness! The pasta salad I could make myself sick on...
I like it that much. They have a section in there with nothing but apple desserts and since 
I'm rushing Fall in our house I seriously can't wait to try them all... Like before next week....:)

Anyhoo, back to paint colors. Right now our front door is black but I've always looked at pictures of homes with their cute colorful ones. Like turquoise or red... so all those thoughts are swirling around in my head, too. What color should I paint the front door? Because the holidays are coming and I have this thing for cute wreaths/ front door decorations... and it would be super cute to have it a fun color.

I've said it before, but I gotta say it again... my man is awesome. 
Because all this craziness he is for_ and all about. 
He loves doing these things for me and I love that we get to share this journey with each other..
can't imagine getting to do life with anyone else.

Heather :)


  1. Good luck on getting all your boxes unpacked and put away! I am loving that gray color in your dining room especially with the black chairs! And definitely paint your door that bright looks fabulous!!!! Praying that your house closes quickly for you!

  2. Heather, I have to say I'm a little jealous! I can't wait to start fresh in a house! I'd do the yellow too;) The dining room is looking good. Glad you're back!

  3. your house is soooo beautiful!! the yellow door idea is fabulous. love it so much. and love the grey paint too. how fun to start fresh!

  4. I'm voting white on the chandelier! Classy and it'll still pop. Not that I don't like the yellow....great now I'm no help. Sorry ;)

  5. that gray is wonderful! the yellow door is very beautiful but i LOVE LOVE LOVE black front doors.
    next time you make skillet apple pie invite me mkay. it sound glorious.
    cant wait to see more of the house!

  6. Wow, the dining room looks really great! And I think that creamy yellow would be a great color for the front door.

    You mentioned your hubby works for Pittsburgh Paints...are you perhaps in the Pgh area? I'd be excited to know a fellow local blogger :)

  7. I love the wall color that your picked. The good thing about paint is that your can change it. So if you get sick of a yellow chandelier, you can paint it white or another color that makes you smile. : )

  8. Oh my gosh, Heather, can I move in, too? Your house is gorgeous! I am thinking you are in the Carolinas, no? I was in a wedding in NC a few years ago and called my hubby and BEGGED him to move there... no such luck. He said it was too far from the ocean for us San Diegans. And guess what... his job took us to the middle of Arizona! Lucky us ;)
    Love all that you are doing with the house! Can't wait to see more pics!

  9. so fun and i am totally relating to your head thoughts ... we're women that's just how we think! and i am loving the yellow and grays! and that skillet apple pie ... i have never heard of such a thing ... i'm going to have to check that one out!

  10. I might have to go with white on the chandelier. We painted a gold light fixture white and I love it. But, I can totally see how the yellow would be so cute!

  11. hey, look at all that pretty!!
    a turquoise door sounds dreamy. i love COLOR!
    my parents front door is a great shade of plum. super fun.

    you are prayed for! xo

  12. I love that grey- It's a beautiful color. I'm thinking of painting my living room grey myself! I say go with a turquoise door too. I just think they are beautiful. You home is gorgeous. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of it.

  13. Wow, what a beautiful home. You must live back east, cause girl they dont have homes like that in Cali.

    Moving is exciting and exhausting all at the same time. As far as your other house closing, give it up to the Lord girl! He knows your heart and your desires. It will happen for you just in His time.

    Thanks for the sharing your home with us

  14. I think yellow would be adorable! It's such a cheery color!