Friday, September 9, 2011

Hair Nonsense Part 2_ Scalp's on F-i-re

Remember back here when I did a post on "hair nonsense". 
I talked about how we've moved a lot and with each move comes having to find
a new hair person. 
And finding a new hair person with talent and one that "gets" you is hard work.. 
I mean I'm paying them to make me look like a totally different person by the time I walk out 
of the salon...a "hot" different kind of person_ not a OMgoodness what did you do to your hair 
kind of person. kidding...;)
So I decide to go back to my roots (get it roots) and go with the trusted Aveda Salon in our area. 
I used to work for Aveda and so I know the training & technique they require 
of their staff and it seriously, is top notch. 
Bottom line, the new girl was great_ I  loved  her_ we were on the same page_ she didn't ask 
me for a zillion pictures to describe to her what color I meant when I said "blonde" highlights_ 
and you ready for this...after my hair was shampooed and she was combing it through, 
she didn't even ask what side I part it on. Augh!.. she "gets" me! 

But to back up a bit, Aveda uses plant based products which are pretty au-natural. 
They don't use a lot of the harsh chemicals that can be found in other other hair color. 
And I normally wouldn't really care much about this if it weren't that I walked away with a burnt scalp and feeling like I may have to see a doctor about something called psoriasis. 
I didn't even know what psoriasis was for heavens sake. 
And I showed my ignorance when I finally had to ask what it was. 
I thought it was glorified dandruff or something.??

Anywho, my roots have been looking really dark lately and have been dragging me down in the face... or just been making me look blah..just blah. Some of you will know what I mean by that.  
Now I have to say this too, I don't like to be made a fuss over. 
Like I prefer to just glide in and glide out. I don't need special treatment...
although it's wonderful, don't get me wrong. 
I just feel weird being the one on the receiving end of it. 
So when they ask me if I want some hot tea or water, I always say "I'm fine." 
I don't need anything... I just feel like I can wait til' later and get something. 
Or when they ask if I would like a hand massage I'm like, "Oh, I don't need one, that's O.k."

 See at Aveda they know how to spoil you, I mean I think I got 2 head massages that put 
me right at ease from the get go. Maybe too much at ease because as you can see everything 
up to this point, was going great with new girl_ the pampering, etc.. 
But then she started to squirt the color lifter on my roots which is supposed to be a mood lifter 
for me..but instead set my scalp on F-i-re. 
I mean it felt like it was burning through the my scalp. 
But I don't want to be a pain in the buttocks you know. I've given birth to 3 kids, and I feel like 
I have a high tolerance for pain, so I decide to just give her a little hint by saying "wow, this really burns" to which she replies "yea, it does have a tingle to it." Tingle... gosh, am I a wimp 
and this is just tingling? B/c to me I feel like I'm getting 2nd degree burns here. 
And the whole time I'm thinking about people I know who have been burned on their scalp 
from color or the bleach, or whatever it is that's in those products. 
Like my mother in law had it happen to her before..
At this point I start to pray..because at this point I'm wanting to run_
Run fast to the rinse bowl, stick my head under the water, and put this F-i-re out 
on top of my head. 
But I want to just glide in_ glide out I don't say anything.

Fast forward, I'm now sitting in the chair, new girl is separating my hair for a trim, and she says 
"has your scalp been irritated lately?" "Are you on any medication?" yes, Zyrtec. 
"Have you been in the sun?" "Did you get sunburned recently?" 
Does this skin look sunkissed... Miss fair skin, been moving for weeks, haven't seen the 
sunlight in forever. This is when I get my lesson on psoriasis and how it can be brought on from stress(she had no idea what our last 2 months have been like)_ 
the difference between allergic reactions_ and they make a call to the salon owner to 
get her advice on the situation ....You know what I was thinking..oh no, I really like my hair and 
if we can't use this product anymore, what am I going to do? 
Can I stand having my scalp burned every 8weeks?
Uh huhhh, what we are willing to go through to look decent. 
However, I did walk away from this experience learning a few things.

#1. I do have a voice and I need to use it sometimes, especially on these occasions
(no gliding in/gliding out)
#2. I may need to see a dermatologist about an issue I didn't even know existed until yesterday
#3. When I feel a tingle it means I can stay calm but when I feel F-i-re it means I need to be rinsed now!

My scalp is actually feeling better today, I can now brush it without it hurting, 
and the scabs are healing quite well. And the bestest part of it all, is I no longer feel drab faced...
oh, what a little color and a new trim will do for ya!;)
Happy Friday Ya'll!

Heather :)


  1. bless your soul!! oh my word, what an adventure, a painful one!
    we thankfully found a wonderful hair girl when we moved here two years ago. she is nearly perfect. nearly because she takes a billion years to return your calls! super annoying. but she. is. talented.
    whenever i just NEED hair help asap, trusty avant salon-aveda!- is a great go to, and it is only a block away;)

    how's the moving in coming along? you look beautiful, not stressed at all;) happy friday-love ya! xo

  2. i hate doing stuff to my hair that makes my scalp burn! worst feeling ever!!! i cried the last time lol

  3. Ouch! SO sorry. : ( I'm glad it is feeling better today. And you look gorgeous on top of it!

  4. Bless your heart! Glad it's feeling better! It looks good though... That's what counts .. Right? ;)

  5. ohh that is just terrible. so sorry friend. i love your hair turned out super cute :)

  6. girl that sounds painful!! I guess I should be lucky I am a bruenette and dont have to keep up with highlights and roots! I HATEEEEE when my scalp gets suburned...OUCH

  7. Oh my!! That's so like me...suffering in silence!! Sometime we just need to speak up. :) (I'm actually having a little "thing" with my blog that has to do with speaking up right now. And I'm not sure how to handle it).
    You look gorgeous!! I'm glad that all ended up ok ;)

  8. Oh my gosh, you look stunning! Oh the pain we have to go through for beauty ;) I'm so sorry to hear about that, though!!! I have been considering going to the Aveda Institute here... I should pick your brain about it ;) Love ya girl!!

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about this experience! I have something called Seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp which causes it to itch and burn a whole bunch, it's basically psoriasis of the scalp! That might be something to look into if your pain continues.

    But, on the other hand, your hair looks fantastic :)

  10. Oh you poor sweet lady! I'm so sorry you had to go through that pain! But lordy you look FAB!

  11. Ow ow ow!! That is not a cool experience :(
    You look gorgeous though! x

  12. Wow, your hair does look great but I'm sorry you had to go through such pain to get it!!! Hopefully a doc can help you out so you don't have to be set on fire again!

  13. holy cow, so sorry. what a bummer. but, i must say, you look darling!!!

  14. I am curious if you ever inquired about this through your derm. I, too, went to the local Aveda salon and lightened my hair to blonde. I experienced the same horrible burning sensation that was supposed to be a "tingling" per the colorist's description. I am wondering if I am allergic to the color or if had too much peroxide in it? Now, I am colored a pretty honey blonde but so afraid to return in 4 weeks to redo my roots. I have blisters on my head that hurt. Any advice would be most appreciated!

  15. Hello! I have been dying my hair for 20 years with aveda products and today i had the SAME experience as you!!!!!! I thought i might pass out from the pain and had to rinse it out. I don't know what happened..did anyone find out??