Friday, September 30, 2011

Insta- Friday

This week seemed to fly by...actually the month of September flew by. I can't even believe it's October and Fall time and soon it'll be Thanksgiving and I absolutely love this time of year.

Anyways, so middle lost a tooth this week and she kept forgetting to leave it by her bed. 
She's 10 and well aware that mom is the tooth fairy but still she likes to play along.... she's a 
smart girl knowing that as long as she keeps playing along, she will get money for those 
little teeth. Well I guess she wanted to make sure I didn't forget to leave her 
money {b/c I have been known to do that before...horrible I know} and so this is what 
I found when going in to turn off her nightlight.

Hubs and I were able to get away and go shoe shopping yesterday. 
While out & about we spotted the Bieber man and his new cologne he was promoting so we 
had to get a quick pic with him. We were going to play a joke on the girls and tell the 
them we got to meet him but they knew right off. I guess it wasn't hard to tell the B man 
was cardboard...oh well...

Hubs hates to spend money on himself and I usually just pick things out for him and bring them home. But with shoes he really has to try them on. Because you just never know if they're going to look the same on as they do on the shelf. So I've been luving the chuka boots {probably not their real name but I just like saying the word chuka plus they just look like chuka boots to me}. 
He wasn't really feeling the chuka boots at first...but he crossed over to the "right" side and 
found a pair he liked.;)  I have to say he looks really handsome sporting his chuka boots.

And speaking of shoes. My Gray man's shoes stink so incredibly bad. 
Not to throw him under the bus... he is very aware of the stink that comes from them too. 
We have bought the spray_ we have washed them_ we have put in the powder, but still the stink remains. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he rarely takes them off. 
He has to have shoes on at almost all times..funny boy.

Everyday him and his dad throw the football together and I love to watch them. 
However, they throw to each other in the street...and it makes me a nervous wreck. 
I find myself yelling "car" more than actually relaxing.

I'm super excited that it's time for these to be dropping off the trees! 
We've managed to pick up a few and I can't wait to decorate with them.

And lastly, I'm working on another banner for the Fall. I have this one hanging on my mantle.

But I needed one for the dining all the Fall-ish colors. 
This is what it's looking like so far...

And... this weekend is supposed to be be-au-ti-ful! 
The high is going to be like 67... I'm getting excited just writing it! 
We will definitely be wearing our chuka boots. 
Just had to say it 1 more time.
Have a great weekend!

Heather :)

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  1. I need some Chuka's because they are calling for only 49* here tomorrow!!!

  2. I have seen some blogs that have the acorns painted and have them in a tall glass vase or conatiner, looks neat!! In one, they were all painted turquoise!

    HAve a great weekend!!!

  3. acorns? sooo fun! i dont think i have ever seen a real one! we used to have eucalyptus trees in our back yard and they would drop little things that were similar - i always thought they were acorns ;)

    happy fall!

  4. I love that your hubby throws the football with your son every day, that is awesome!

    Who doesn't want to say chuka? It is a pretty rockin' word...hehehe. Have a great weekend Heather!

  5. Oh, here in So Cal we are still running our air conditioning. So Im a little jeolous! Can I say that?

    And your so creative!! Have a great weekend!

  6. I have never heard of the chuka boots. Don't know in what world I've been living..:) and a Bieber cologne? Wow, one more thing to my daughter's obsession (ha)!

  7. yep, no acorns here in CA. but i'd love them for crafting. i wonder what our squirrels store up? cute pic with the biebs.

  8. Ha! Troid musta rubbed off on Jode during the visit....Chuka boots was his thang back in the day. ;)

  9. I can't wait to see your new banner, Miss Crafty Girl! Happy weekend. : )

  10. Love all the pictures! I CANNOT believe it's October either! Especially because its still freaking 90 degrees!! I don't mind the heat, I like it when its super hot, but I'm sick of my summer clothes haha

  11. Where did all these posts come from!! I need to catch up on your blog, I could have sworn I just checked it the day before yesterday. I got your text, my phone died right after I got it. I will text you when it is charged.

  12. Love that pic of you and the Biebs ;) xo