Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rain, Rain don't go Away

It’s been raining for 2 days…. and I haven’t minded it.
I think partly because I have a thing for rain boots.
I kinda want to smile whenever I see boots on someone.
The other part being it sometimes just feels good to not get dressed.
To just stay in your jammers all day.
Which is what I’m going to do today.

I also think the girls look adorbs in their boots.
Especially when they wear them with long socks.

The other day I scored these green & blue boots at the wonderful Target’.
I paid a whopping $5 for the blue and $6 for the green ones.
I’ve worn them both days…and I haven’t minded it.

for today she enjoyed the surprise of rain.

Heather :)

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  1. My son has wanted me to get him the same green boots for two years straight. I think I am already convinced. Such sweet photos!!

  2. Love those colorful rain boots! How fun!

  3. Get some rain boots on that boy- tell him it's for the photo, lol. Beautiful picture.

  4. i looooove the rain. hopefully it will show up soon!

    every year i'm tempted to get some rainboots. and every year i don't. :)

    maybe this will be the year :)

    love your three!

  5. I'm crazy about rain boots, too! I love that 1st shot.

  6. i love boots too... kinda like i love you! xo

  7. Love those boots. What a great shot.

  8. its raining where i am too... but like you i happily slide on my rainboots! i want a yellow pair so bad! lol. something about a rainy day is calming.

  9. $5 bucks for rain boots? you GO girl! I love both pics, thank you for showing off.

  10. I am SOOOO jealous!!! I've looked the world over it seems & can't find a pair of cute (inexpensive) rain boots anywhere. Love your finds, they are adorable :)

  11. I love rain boots! I even wore some in our engagement photos--and had a pair on hand for our wedding day last April ;) I like the rain to an extent...until it holds me up from doing something I need to do outside haha. Hope you've had a good weekend! xoxo {av}