Sunday, March 25, 2012

11 Years

I wanted so badly to get your post up yesterday Gabi girl, on your birthday. But the day just wouldn’t allow it. My heart has hurt as I’ve watched you sick since Friday. High fever, sore throat, and now some pretty nasty congestion. You’ll be fine and you’ve handled it so well but I wanted the 24th to be a special day for you as we all celebrated your life. 

We did celebrate though. And for the last 3 days you’ve spent them right by my side. So maybe it wasn’t all that bad. We said goodbye to 10 and hello to 11 years of your growth. Because grow is what you've done. In height, knowledge, in the Lord, and even your hair. I figured you would want me to put that in there. You're pretty proud of the fact that it’s now the longest it’s been since you were like 2 years old.

Take a walk with me down memory lane now, if you will. 

On Saturday March 24, 2001 I assumed it would be like any other day. But it wasn’t. As I got up to get dressed for the day I couldn’t put my finger on it... but something felt different. Something felt off. I called the doc explaining to him how I was feeling and he said to come to the hospital immediately…so I did. 

In no time they diagnosed me saying my amniotic fluid was leaking and doc was going to go ahead and break my water. It was time…your time. I hurriedly called your daddy to tell him he would have to cut short his hunting trip bc we were going to meet our baby girl today. Labor with you was fairly easy and I only had to push maybe 5 times before you were born. You were born weighing 7 pds 5oz with a head full of dark hair. Perfect…all knitted together in detail by God while in my womb and given to us.

We now had a boy and a girl and I was tickled and knew that I was beyond blessed.
Grayson couldn't get enough of you. He was so gentle and he just wanted to love on you. My days were consumed with one of you in each arm while rocking each of you to sleep in the rocking chair.

You’ve heard us tell you the story many times about how you were born with a tiny hole at the end of your spine. They put you through numerous tests and had us very worried bc they kept talking about spinal bifida & such. You looked fine to me, though which is just how everything turned out. Your spine was completely developed and the hole healed to be normal. Only something God could get the credit for. He was working miracles while you were in my womb and he’s never stopped.

We picked your name Gabrielle and daddy said let’s call her “Gabi”…so we did. You have fit your name from the start bc you do like to gab and you’re usually never at a loss for words. You're full of spunk and your ability to make others feel at ease and the warmth that you exude are a gift. You have been given gifts and talents that are a fit just for you. You are unique just as the thumb print on your fingers are like none other.... so are you. 
We love you Gabi girl and will always be proud to call you our daughter. 

HaPpY 11th BiRtHdAy!
Love, Momma


  1. Very sweet! Happy Birthday to your beautiful miracle!

  2. such a special post! happy birthday!! : )

  3. Aw Im all chocked up here b/c as you know I have my own Gabby. She reminds me ALOT of your daughter and the pictures made me realize just how fast our children grow up right before our eyes.
    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  4. So sweet. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! I loved seeing the pics of them as little ones and Gabi growing up. You're one blessed momma :)

  6. Well yes, now I'm crying. She is beautiful Heather! That pic of her big bro hugging her. Oh my! So sorry she has been sick. Praying for a healthy year ahead ;) xoxo

  7. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!happy bday to her!!

  8. Sweetness, entering into the Tween years, lots of changes, but they are still sweethearts then!

    Beautiful, fun pics to look through, Happy birthday to her!

  9. This makes me tear up! I hope she's feeling all better :)

  10. oh Heather! I just love seeing these pictures! I love, love, LOVE the one of Grayson with Gabi when she was just born and the look on his face...oh the love of a big brother, the best!