Friday, March 9, 2012

Before & After Painted Hutch

Some of you may remember what my hutch looked like last year when i got it. 
It sat that way for a year but it doesn't look that way anymore. 
My hubs man did an amazing job painting it and i am so pleased with the outcome. 

This picture is from 2004 when we first bought our piece and what it looked like. 
I'll save the story for another time but it was a gift that hubs picked out and hid in our garage for 
2 weeks without me knowing. How he managed to pull it off I'll never know bc I'm hard to surprise. 
But he did and it was awesome-sauce.

Fast forward years later as my style has changed and evolved, i walk into Goodwill 
one day and find/purchase this piece for $50. 

We took the the black top piece off and painted it to use in the Craft room. 
It now holds fabric and lots of miscellany things.

3 coats of paint later and this is the hutch now.

We replaced the wooden knobs with clear crystal ones from Hobby Lobby.
They were running their 50% off sale and so i got them for $2/piece.

My most favorite part of the hutch is the etched glass and the back board done in gold.
That was what i payed for and saw in this piece... character. 
I'm still working out what i want to have displayed in it. 
For now I 'm just enjoying how clean and purty it is.
Happy Friday Ya'll!


  1. oh i am obsessed! that is seriously so beautiful! happy weekend!!


  2. oh it is GORGEOUS! I will now be on the looking for a similar hutch at goodwill!

  3. LOOks AMAZING! You might have to tell us about your paint process, is that Cream?


  4. Oh my.. I LOVE IT

  5. Just been wanting a hutch like this!!

  6. It looks beautiful! I love that when our styles change we can just whip out the paint. Can't wait to see what you put in it.

  7. See..I will not covet!! LOL Gorgeous!! I hope to see it one day in person!!

  8. oh i am obsessed! that is seriously so beautiful! happy weekend!!
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