Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcoming Neely

We welcomed a new member into our family on Wednesday. His name is Neely and he ‘s 9 wks old. If you read my post from here you’ll remember how desperate I was about making the right decision to get a dog as well as, finding the right puppy for us. My kids have begged for an animal for a while and I’ve always said “no” bc I know how much work/money they can be. But truly everything had lined up perfectly and it came down to the fact that we just couldn’t NOT get a pet.

All that said, he is a sweety but gosh he’s a lot of work. It feels as though I have a newborn again. Which is why I haven’t posted since last Monday. My time has been wrapped up getting him on a feeding schedule, exercise, potty trained, watching everything he tries to put into his mouth, having him walk on a leash or just trying to have him like the leash would be nice. And did I mention the getting up at 4:30am & again at 6:30 in the mornings for a potty break….whew, yes so it’s a lot of work.

However, we now walk in our home and know we’ll be greeted with lots of kisses and a chase or two around the house as he spaz’s out by our presence. Already he’s brought lots of smiles to the kids faces and is usually cuddled up asleep in their arms or by their feet. On Saturday we worked in the yard while he played right along side us, slept, and watched as we unloaded mulch.

I now smell dog at times while sitting on my couch and when he comes back in from playing in the yard he brings in grass and such that has stuck in his hair. And instead of letting it bother me I’m trying to let it stretch me. I have 6-10 years left with my kids being in our home. Meaning before they graduate and go off to college or pursue what God has for them and so I’m letting that fuel me as I bag each of Neely’s poops and then talk later about it with hubs to get him caught up. I figure my kids probably won’t remember or care how clean our couches were but they will remember the love they had for their first dog. Usually the best things in life aren’t easy and having a puppy around isn’t exactly easy. But hopefully at the end we will find that we loved in a whole different way and that our hearts are even bigger. All bc we chose to open them up to something new and different.

Happy Monday!

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  1. congratulations puppy mommy!! what a sweet boy he is!! goodluck with the potty training hahaha

  2. heather he is SUCH a doll!!
    i'm so excited for you to have a dog for your family! :)
    my sister and i grew up with dogs, and those are some of our most favorite memories.
    memories that all of us (mom and dad included) can laugh over. :)

    i tell all my friends who get puppies - that the up front work is hard. when i got mylie i was like, oh my gosh this is a bigger responsibility than i thought - but in the end, the puppies get trained, and the work is just a way of life. ;)

    it's going to be awesome.

  3. So cute!! Puppies are so much fun yet so much work! Give him a year and he will be an amazing friend and companion!

  4. YAY!! Neely! So happy you all took the plunge!! I'll call you later so that we can chat. It has been forever and a day! Have fun with him, he is such a cutie!!

  5. Neely is a cutie! Happy new puppy.

  6. So darn cute! Neely will be a special part of your family and those sweet kids will make wonderful memories with him. Congrats :)

  7. Congratulations! He's adorable. It does get easier though you do have to adjust your schedules around dogs. There are times when I've thought about trying to get ours to use the cats' litterbox but I have a feeling that would be a disaster.

  8. Sooo cute!! I get frusturated with my dogs a lot and then I watch Lydia chase them around in the yard and giggle and laugh so hard, it makes it all worth it :) Good luck with you puppy, it does get easier!

  9. He is soooo cute!!! I am in love!!!!!!!