Thursday, March 22, 2012

This & That Thursday

Spring has sprung and so has the pollen that 
float's around and cause's major sinus pain.

I’m not a name-that-plant and tree person so I couldn’t 
tell you the name of these tree's but they have bloomed to the 
fullest in their pink and violet shades. 
They really are something to see, especially 
if you find a bunch together…b-ea-uti-ful I tell ya.

But I hear that’s probably the cause of my itchiness 
of throat and eyes lately.

Still I'm taking it all in and enjoying 
our days that are now filled with warmth, 
just the right amount of crispness in the evenings, 
and some awful pretty sunsets.   

Neely is starting to fall into the rhythm of our family.
He has grown to like his leash and will now go for walks.
We’re working on the constant nipping & {biting} though. 
He wants to bite us, our shoes, toes, pant leg... pretty much 
anything that comes into contact with his mouth. 
And I think he's probably thrilled to see nighttime come bc he 
knows that's when he'll finally be able to get some rest.
Lord knows, he ain't getting any right now.
Youngest thinks he's a baby, her baby, and she wants 
to tote him everywhere she goes.

And he seems to love the basketball just as much as oldest does.
We realized this while playing the other day and it came
bouncing towards him. All I kept thinking was we had an Air Bud 
on our hands {i think my kids watched every one of those movies} 
and there were like what, 10 of them? Seemed like it, if not.

Saturday we get to celebrate middle's birthday. 
11 years old....I can't even believe it.
Time is passing so quickly.
This week has passed so quickly. 

Did I mention that last night our washing machine overflowed and water 
came pouring out of the ceiling into our kitchen...uuuugh. 
And middle got in the car from school today telling me she was freezing.
So I decided to take her temp just to see and she had 102....uuuugh 
and right here at her birthday. Needless to say this week has been a full one.
Some bad, but a lot good, and hopefully a lot more goodness to come.

We're looking forward to the weekend and 
right now... we're just glad that Spring has Sprung.....:)


  1. I can't imagine the water situation. I hope your middle is feeling better soon. : )

  2. Look at all that spring beauty! Those trees are indeed gorgeous. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon, it just ain't right to be sick on your birthday!

    Have a good weekend Heather :)

  3. ahhhh those pics are all so pretty! and hope your sweet girl is feeling better for her bday! love you friend. :)

  4. LOVE the photos. your family is ADORABLE. and neely, mercy what a sweet pup!

    love you, dear.

  5. I love the name you picked out, I guess I hadn't picked that up on Instagram! Neely, AW....Love his fur, my Hazel was Cream in color...

    (stephanie holden and I realized that we both do This and That and neither of us knew we both did it, and you do too!!! :0