Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring in the Air

This weekend we made the hour and a half drive to the nearest IKEA and I was able to bring home a new statement piece for our entryway. Can I just say I love IKEA. I always leave inspired in some way or other of how to organize better or how to arrange differently. They make me think outside of the box and no, this is not a paid advertisement for IKEA. haha, although that would be nice. I just like going there and my kids even like it which is unusual bc they hate shopping. Even the girls hate to shop. Unless of course, we're going to purchase a specific item... a specific item for them.

The piece did take a little work to put together. There were only like 120 paper thingys that had to be clipped into place. And no, I'm not sick in this picture that's just how i look sporting no make-up and hair thrown up in pony. For reals though, it really didn't take that long and wasn't bad to put it all together. The worst was having Jode find a tall enough ladder to reach and then changing the old one out.

Once the sun started to set it cast off all kinds of pretty bursts onto the walls. 
The space is perfect for it and I heart it.

I did forget to get a picture of the old chandy hanging but here it is sitting in our garage. It's quite an ugly little piece and will hopefully be sold in an upcoming garage sale.

Youngest came home from school on Friday with a cabbage that she needed to plant. Whoever grows the biggest cabbage by next year will win $1000 dollar scholarship. So I was like well let's get that thing in the ground. Because every penny will help towards college for 3 kiddos.

We decided to use Mr Pumpkin that has lasted since September for some good fertilizer for the cabbage. I was tired of looking at him and he ran a good race that ole' pumpkin, he did.

Now the kids are all wanting to plant things for the Summer and I think we will. We picked up some Sunflowers yesterday and were trying to decide on some vegetables too. But gigantimous Sunflowers would be awesome to have in the backyard. I can just see them all standing up tall, swaying in the wind.

We went down to the tennis courts and tried to play some this weekend. 
We know to hit the ball, try to keep it in the lines, and that's about all when it comes to Tennis.

It was fun just being out getting some exercise and doing something different. 
While we were there they had some members pull up and watch us from their car. So i told the kids they were scouting us, cause we were just that good. They might want to ask us to join their team or something. But it turns out I think they just wanted our court to play on. Next time they'll see just how good we really are....

And i couldn't resist taking this pic. We have a huge bush on the side of our house all bloomed out and it is bea-u-ti-ful. Spring is in the air even though it turned super chilly again yesterday. But Spring is coming and I'm looking forward to the colors and Easter and Spring Break and middle's birthday and there's so much I have to be thankful for. I am... I am truly thankful for every. little. thing.
Oh, and for gigantimous Sunflowers too. ;)

"You will miss what matters most in life if you are only ever looking for the spectacular"
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  1. i love your statement piece.
    have a wonderful week friend.

  2. Wow that is so so cool that you brought that bold piece into your home, yay! I love IT.
    So brave of you, it's beautiful and unexpected!!!

    You have those flowers already around your house? Oh boy, how insanely beautiful. We are all dying for Spring up here in MN. Looks like you guys are on your way!

    Fun seeing all you captured together as a family too!

  3. This is really sweet. I love IKEA too and have yet to make the drive since moving here. You know I love Sunflowers, ahem, the blog name!!;) You look like one of the girls w/o makeup..sweet and fresh faced!;) Let's chat later in the week!

  4. I love Ikea, too! Unfortunately I now live about 2 hours from one, as well. I used to be 10 minutes away... I guess that's probably better for our bank account ;)
    Love that light fixture... I just might need that in our new house!
    Love the pics, Heather, and you!! xo

  5. you and your family are just precious Heather. And you are gorgeous even without makeup! I love IKEA. Saw that light when we were there a couple of weeks ago and I tried to think of where I could put---now you are making me wish I'd got it for our entry ;)
    love you friend!!

  6. Hooray for IKEA! We went this past weekend too and scored some new furniture :) Love that light!

  7. I've had my eye on that Ikea light fixture for ages now. By the time I actually get to our closest store(4.5 hrs away) it'll be discontinued. But wow I had no idea how much it took to put it together. Still totally worth the end result:)