Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heart to Heart

This is going to be one of those heart to heart_ tough to put out there posts’. I try to avoid writing or sharing too many of these bc I would rather hold things in_ not cause any ripples, you know. But as a good friend said this week "it's when we hold things in that the enemy has the ability to keep using it in our thought process and lives." 

This week has been a rough one… an emotional one
I am an extremely loyal person probably even to a default sometimes. 
Because when I open myself up for others and when they don’t feel or reciprocate that same loyalty, I in turn get hurt. This blog and heathers happys has been so many things wrapped up into one big ole' package and sealed with a kiss & hug. 
It’s where I share our joys’ & pains, where I try and capture little things for my kids to have to look back on. I imagine them all grown up showing their spouses’ and kids “look what mom used to do. She was so crazy and what was she thinking.” Hopefully, they will have great memories of their childhood and others will be penned down for the ones that manage to slip away.

But what do you do when someone repeatedly makes the decision to take something from you that you’ve put time, energy and creative juices into? I felt like the air had been sucked out of me and I wanted to throw up my hands and just let them have it. All of it....that's how I felt this week.
Yet I wondered is it really worth it.? 
When we lay our head on a pillow at night we have to wonder about our motives. 
And what are our motives?

I’m a stay at home mom to a 12, 11, and 9 year old trying to do my part in the household by using my talents to help our family. Thankfully, blogging doesn’t define me, having a little handmade business, none of that is where I find my worth or significance. 
It’s a byproduct of who I am and how I express who I am. It’s fun and I find so much joy in being able to make an item and have someone like it . And for you to purchase it is like a cherry on top of my already sundae. 
But still it has the ability to sting…to hurt. 
So I have to go back to blogging 101 and remember why I started it to begin with and why I chose to make things.

At the end of the day my loyalty to other’s is bigger ….no amount of money or popularity would ever be worth it.

And when I remember and go back to Jesus101 and what he says I read:

Do to others as you would have them do to you.
Luke 6:31

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.
Romans 12:10 

Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.
1 Peter 2:17 

So I take some deep breaths, I pray a whole lot, I go sit on the couch with my love’s, I keep on creating handmade goodness that makes me smile and 
I keep on telling my story. 
Because your story and mine is ours and no one can ever take that from us.

Happy Weekend!


  1. this is a beautiful post. thanks for sharing what is on your heart. and a great reminder of how we are called to treat others, despite how we may be treated sometimes. hope you feel extra loved today heather!

  2. Im praying that this is not more than one person. I know how it feels to be surrounded by loving, supportive people but then one negative person can make you question everything.
    Keep your head up! You are loved by many Heather. Hoping for a peaceful weekend.

  3. praying for you heather. a few weeks ago, i had some negative blog instances happen that left me feeling the same way. here's a "virtual hug." :) xo

  4. i second everyone and say I love you too!!!! :) sorry for whatever has happened and please know I value you friend!!! :)

  5. i'm all the way behind you heather, on being vulnerable, on sharing your heart on your blog, on the beautiful things you create, and on remembering that at the end of the day, you answer to an audience of one. amen? looking straight at jesus to remind me who He created me to be and why is so, so important for me. otherwise, i get hurt too. i feel as though i offer so much of myself that i put high expectations on others to do the same at times, forgetting that my offerings are really to God, and his validation is enough. take heart! He sees you.

  6. People can be very cruel on blogging and competitive (I've decided not to go to blogger meet ups again...). The important thing is to blog because you like it and it's great when we get friendships and things that bring us closer to God from it :)

  7. Oh I do hope everything is OK, I love reading your blog and am fond of you so don't want you to be hurt!
    Your statement "Because when I open myself up for others and when they don’t feel or reciprocate that same loyalty, I in turn get hurt." is EXACTLY like me.

    I shall say a prayer for you Heather, please stay strong in what you do.