Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We Encourage Tuesday

Today I just wanted to take a minute to highlight different events happening within some of my friendships here in blog land. They each have encouraged me and I'm so grateful for each one of them.

First, there's Laura from Bits of Splendor. She's added and re-opened her shop with some new pieces of beautiful jewelry. I like them all but 2 of my personal fave's are....

Then there's Leslie from top of the page. Her husband is going to embark on an adventure leading a team up Mt Everest to raise money for an organization that supports families with children of disabilities. You can go here to find out more about this and how you can help.

Oh my, and have you guys' checked out Erin's artwork? They are so meaningful and you know when seeing them that she has put her heart & soul into each one.


And I'm in love with heather's bathroom makeover. I mean she had me at the Coral and aqua combo.
It truly turned out be-au-ti-ful and heather from Moreygirl is oh, so talented in so many ways. Just trust me when I say you need to check her out.

Lastly, Mrs. Kinze over at Schilling times is one of the prettiest prego ladies that I ever did see. Her and her hubs have 3 kiddo's with #4 on the way. Kinze is sunshine and as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. They also are renovating an old Airstream....um, yea. Pure awesomeness. You can check that out here.

Today I'm linking up with Jami from Call Me Blessed who encourages us every Tuesday. I'm thankful for her and her linky. She is one of my BFF's on Insta-Gram and I always love her witty & fun comments. She keeps me smiling. You should go follow her.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. How wonderful of you to bless these ladies back with some encouragement of your own :)

  2. I love Tuesdays! They make my work day "amazing" Thank you Jesus for you & my beautiful friend Jami @ "Call Me Blessed" If you think she has amazing talents at blogging, you should hear her sing! : )

  3. ah this just made my day! you are the sweetest! and i think you and your family are just wonderful and you my friend are stunning ... love your glow and i see Jesus shinning through you! happy tuesday!

  4. Wow, you really are just the sweetest blessing to anyone who knows you!! I'm sorry I've been MIA! I've missed reading your blog!! :0)