Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today is the first day of school.
It's always a bittersweet day...I'm happy & expectant for my kids
and what this new year will bring.
Yet a little sad that our time..being together will be interrupted.
It's the constant letting go...the change for me that takes me some getting used to.
After the routine kicks in, I thrive..but it's just the initial change ...

Their bookpacks were packed and outfits were layed out ahead of time
all in preparation for the big day.

After dropping my first born off a few years ago to Kindergarten I came home
and wrote this little something below.
He's far from being in Kindergarten now but so much of this poem still applies even today...

The First Day of School
I woke my boy up today and he said “one jump mom and I’m up”
And with that he was off
As we got out at school and I was helping him cross in front of the buses he says 
“I can do it mom, I can do it"
I slowly turn around and walk back to my car to see him high five the principal
Hesitant I watch as he stumbles around to the entrance of school
Just as I am ready to get out and run to help him find his way inside a lady comes up
and he takes her hand
The same hand that reaches up to grasp mine, now grasps hers
With an empty feeling and an empty car seat I force myself to drive away
The tears sting my eyes as they stream down my face
It is truly a bittersweet time 
Today is a day I will never forget
For today is a day of many that I will have to let go 
and let my boy become the man that God intends for him to be.


Girls the morning their brother started school


We've had a lot of firsts' and I'm looking forward to the other firsts' that are sure to come. 
Driver's license_ first love_ braces_ High School_ but for today..
it was my babies first day back to school... 
and no matter the first that comes our way, to me,  they'll always be my babies.

Heather :)


  1. I LOVE the back to school photos! My mom did them every year and it is so much fun to look back and see how we changed. Good luck to your kiddos today! If they are anything like their mama, they will make friends fast :-) blessings!

  2. Great pictures Heather! I hope they have a fabulous first day!

  3. Oh.My.Gosh. Seeing how much they've grown up....that's a kicker. It hurts a little, cause I see my son and 2 girls, but you know what? What an amazing blessing. They are beautiful and HEALTHY. Love you sweet girl!!!

  4. So true. It doesn't matter how big they are, they will always be your babies.

  5. too sweet......bittersweet indeed ;)

  6. Your poem made MY eyes sting. Why do they have to grow up WHY? My kids start monday. Definitely bittersweet. My Big Man is starting Jr. High. I am much to young and immature to have a child in Jr. High. LOL!

  7. What a sweet post! I love the pictures in succession and that lovely poem! It's funny.... I had always assumed parents looked forward to sending the kids back to school ;)

  8. oh my goodness i love this post ...i love the part in your poem where you say you are letting him become the man God wants Him to be ... wow so tuff to do but something we need to do!

  9. What a sweet post! That poem is so precious! It stinks that our kiddos grow up so fast, but we can rest in the fact that God is molding them! Love this!!!!!

  10. I love the photo of the girls on their brother's first day of school!

  11. oh no, now i'm crying! i'm so glad i found your blog as well...i'm your newest follower!

  12. I want to go and wake up my 18 month old and tell her to stop growing and thank God that she won't listen! I love how you documented everything. Truly lovely.

  13. This is so sweet it makes me want to cry!

  14. oh my goodness! Tears! I know that feeling so well, where you are supposed to be the one jumping into action to help them at any second...but not at school, at school they are taken care of by others. But thank the Lord that He always provides care for our children!

  15. Soooo sweet! That poem was amazing! You are a good mama XOXO