Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Floral & a Happy

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This outfit I wore last Friday_ took pictures in_ and our computer had to be
re-booted or updated this weekend so all of my last imports were lost..major bummer.
The good thing was that it forced me to get dressed again and re-take them but
 my hair is super dirty...washing my hair is a task.
I try to go 3-4 days without doing it...
 I love the feel of it nice & clean..but it is a chore for me, is it like that for anyone else?

So while I was in a store on Friday there was a nice girl who stopped me and told me how cute my top was..I said "thank you" and she said "I'm not bold enough to step out and wear floral, but it looks cute on you". So I was like " guuurrl, you should try it, it would be super cute on you too".. 
and so if you haven't worn floral, I would say try it.. you just might like it. :)

 Top_ TJ Maxx- $14.99
Jeans_ TJ Maxx- $19.99
Flip Flops_ Old Navy- $3.00

And... on Friday I shared an insta-grammed picture of this new "happy". 
I ordered it 2 weeks ago from Eager Hands (Lora) because when I saw it, it just spoke to me. 
I wanna "Soar" and I feel like now more than ever that's what I'm trying to do/be. 
I'm lovin' this piece right now and it has become the one I grab and have to put on. 
It came in the cutest packaging and Lora even sent me an extra happy to wear along with it... 
she is a sweety, that is for sure.

Heather :)


  1. cute! i'll get brave enough to do this one day. currently i am wearing an orange tie dye shirt and tree pants. i wish i was kidding.

  2. I LOVE your white watch!! Have you ever been to Sam Moon? They sell super cheap knock off watches and I have been dying for that white one but I didn't know if it got dirty easily?? I may just have to go grab it!

  3. Love the top. So cute. Ruthie--I've had a white one for a while and wear it all of the time and it doesn't get dirty! I got mine at Nordstrom in the BP section for 10 bucks! They always have cute watches for cheap!

    P.S Heather- go ahead and start driving to my trunk show, I would L O V E to see you!!! ;)

  4. That floral shirt ist just SO CUTE.

  5. You look great! I love that top!

  6. LOVE that top and love those yellow nails ... i need to try a splash of color ... i'm such a neutral person ... color is such a good thing!

  7. You are too cute. And your hair is always amazing!

  8. Love the outfit. And that's your hair dirty?! You're gorgeous!!

  9. Super cute! Love the top and matching nail polish!

  10. LOVE your floral top! Super cute!

  11. you're beautiful, heather! and i love the necklace on you. :) it looks so great! thanks for the sweet words! lora

  12. You are so pretty, especially in that top! The hair looks gorgeous. If that's dirty hair.. then I want my hair to be dirty. ;) LOVE the new necklace, so sweet.

  13. love the necklace and you are a CUTIE PANTS!!

  14. Love that top! And your hair! Thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Heather, Kinze's sis in law:)