Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just be...you!

The girls have been making a video with their neighbor friends 
since we are moving in a few weeks. 
Just something fun that they'll have to 
keep and remember each other by. 
So this is what they looked like the other day.... 

They pick these outfits out on their own_ they get into character_ 
and they aren't held back by anything. They don't care what anyone thinks_ 
they are full of joy_ and just them....who God created them to be. 
I learn from my children all of the time_ God uses them_ He speaks through them_ 
He is speaking all around if we listen. 
These inspirational sayings seem to be screaming at me lately and the verse in 
Matthew below is rocking my world. Hope these make you smile..  

I'm linking up on Tuesday's with Jami for a new linky she has started on "encouragement".
Head over and be encouraged as you read stories from others just like you!

Heather :)


  1. I love love love this! Your girls are awesome! I totally did stuff like that all the time with my friends! And the words are challenging and encouraging - thank you

  2. i. love. this. post.
    the quotes and the PHOTOS! what cutie girls.
    thanks for these reminders today, darling heather. so thankful for YOU.


  3. so cute! thanks for the reminder, heather!

  4. This is a terrific post! I hate that I can get caught up in all of that mess that is so self-centered! Your girls are very cool;) I hope they never lose that confidence! love, Heather

  5. how cute!!! what a fun photoshoot :) love these words of encouragement to just be me...and not worry about what others think. thanks for sharing friend! xoxo!

  6. the girls are SO cute and I love those quotes!!!
    the encouragmetn that you pour into them to be comfortable being themselves is an amazing seed!!


  7. how cute are they? personality+! LOVE it! :)

  8. kinda wish i was rocking those stripey socks and funky glasses today.

    your girls got it going on!

  9. really really cuuuuute. love the socks & glasses :)

  10. I can't wait to have children for this purpose!

  11. Love it!!! Such a great mommy, and awesome for doing this shoot for them!!! :)

  12. Hi Heather!! wow, I love kids... they teach us so much just by the way they live!!! I absolutely love your blog and can't wait to read more of your thoughts and get to know you better!!!

    Loads of hugs and blessings for ya, girl!!!



  13. LOVE those pictures! What beautiful and FABULOUS personalities they have (I have a feeling they get it from their mama). <3

  14. they seriously have awesome style.....i love the heart picture!

  15. fun, fun, post! i have 2 daughters and a son as well.
    your girls are precious! bless them for being themselves - fearfully and wonderfully made.

  16. Love the pictures of your girls!! I REALLY like the Seek boldly, Suffer willingly, etc. saying. And that verse in Matthew is huge!!!

  17. These photos are so cute! And what a great idea for the girls!

  18. Stop it! Those are the greatest outfits ever! What a fun thing to do before they start a new adventure.

  19. You are setting such an amazing example for your girls. I love how they shine!

  20. What a great series of pictures. Such fun & encouraging words!

  21. Oh I LOVE your little divas. How cute!

  22. Just found you through Embrace the Camera - those pictures of the girls are hilarious! I only hope to have so much fun with my girls someday!