Monday, August 15, 2011

heathers happys

My shop is up ya'll!! I cannot even believe it.
To say that I'm excited would be an understatement.
I feel like I've waited for forever to step out and do this..and it's here finally_  it's now.
I've been thinking about this shop thing and "the why" behind it lately
and wanted to share a little with you.

It's about the being able to create_I love it! And then to have someone "like" your creations_
bring a smile to a face_ or for someone to encourage or see value in what you do_
is like extra icing on the cake.
As a wife & mom my first priority and #1 job is them.
But just like so many of you_
I also feel like God has gifted and given us creative ability for a purpose... to be used.
How sad would that be to hide it... to have it go unused or untapped into.

My kids listen to a song that goes "let your light shine, woah, just let your light shine, woah"...
I want my light to shine in many ways and this is hopefully,
yet another step in the direction for it to.
I've had so many of you contact me and say how you would love to open an Esty store
or you've been thinking about blogging but just haven't.
Let me encourage you by saying try it.
Your not alone_ don't listen to the lies that you'll hear_
we're all in this together.... just let your light shine.

I chose heathers happys because I use that term a lot.
A "happy" can be anything that brings a smile to your face...
maybe it's a bubblegum necklace_ a fun fabric_ a flowery ring_ a vintage inspired headband...
but hopefully, what I create will do just that. If you get a minute go over and check my shop out..
I was up to the wee hours with hubs last night getting it all finished.
He is The man, let me tell you.;)
So as the day goes on I should get everything uploaded.

As always "happy Monday" to ya...I'm off to go find a cutesy mug for my mug swap friend.
Thank you to Kim for hosting this fantabulous swap and happy 1 year blogging anniversary to you!

Heather :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! i'm heading over now to check it out!


  2. woohoo you did it girl ... and it looks amazing ... love your style!

  3. Love the shop name, love the style, love it all! Looks fabulous, way to go :)

  4. congratulations, heather! love it!! so professional and beautiful. :) and i love those necklaces, too! gorgeous!

  5. Love your excited for you!!

  6. Congratulations!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shop!!

  7. Ooooh! It looks fantastic!! Everything is incredibly cute, that "Happy" Aqua Drop Necklace is just lovely. Way to go gorgeous!

  8. Yay! It's all so cute...and I love the design of the shop too!! Congrats Heather :)

  9. woo hoo!!! congrats. super exciting. LOVE that yellow lamp.

  10. congrats on your shop lady! so awesome.
    those shoes in the pic, are TOO adorable. :)

    and thanks for the button shout out.

    excited to hear about the mug you find! :)

  11. congratulations!!! Your shop looks amazing and is truly "happy"!!!

  12. Yay friend!!! How exciting! I love the name bc I use that term too. The shop is too cute! Congrats xoxo!

  13. Well you already know how I feel about this. And you. BUUUUT....

    LOVE the shop. LOVE your stuff. LOVE you.

    Move. HERE.


  14. Adorable! I love all your stuff! So exciting!

  15. congrats!!! it's so presh and i love the name of it. you go girl. i wish you all the best with it! one day, i will step out too and do!

  16. Congratulations! I love it all! I just made some flowers the other day. They are so much fun and I love yours and how you have used them!

  17. Happy Day to you!
    Congrats on your shop and for stepping out like that.
    It is very inspiring.

  18. Heather! This is so exciting! Can't wait to Check it out!