Tuesday, August 2, 2011

House Tour (Part 2)

Like I promised.. here are some more photos of our home....and while working on this post I realized this is the last of our home all put together nice & neat. We are starting to take down/ dis-assemble our belongings and totally get into "moving" mode. This ole' house has been a blessing to us..when moving here to S.C. we didn't have a home secured. There had been none available that fit us. So we rolled into town with our U-Hauls packed not knowing exactly where we were going to live. And by no coincidence drove by and spotted this house for sale. 
That same day we unpacked our "things" (cause' it's all just things) and were met in the driveway by every kid in the neighborhood. We had specifically prayed that God would make up those friendships that were lost and He did..as He always does.
So anyhoo, before I get too uber sentimental... come sit down in our home and have a chat with me..because that's what I would luv for us all to do anyway. :)

Brown chair I bought from a yard sale for $25. The big chest came from a church sale for $30 and I had it in front of the couch forever until recently when we found a white coffee table off of Craigslist, which originally came from IKEA. So I kinda just stuck it back there..but it works. The lamp came from Habitat and was gold...I spray painted it the gloss white and picked the lampshade up from a garage sale for $2...originally from IKEA too. Thank goodness for IKEA and garage sales, huh?

This picture showcases my hubs prize possessions... he plays music/ sings so I love that we get to display some of his love's on the wall...

This is the chair I wrote about in the first "tour" post. I got the dresser and this chair for $6..it is one of my favorites. I so need to have the cushion re-done but I could eat the fabric and the nailhead trim.

This piece came from the christian bookstore. When I saw it I knew I had to have it.. it just represents "us" and the faith we have had to have in our journey. 
Faith= "The confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

If you really were here I'd probably put you to work a packin'...or wrappin' with some bubble wrap.
Those empty boxes are calling my name... hope you have a Happy Tuesday! :) 

Heather :)


  1. Your house is sooo gorgeous! I love your decorating style, and how there are so many beautiful little details everywhere! *swooning*

  2. Lovely home. :-) It looks so inviting, I'm sure that once you're in your new place, it wont be long before it feels the same.

  3. can you come decorate my house i love!!!

  4. My hubby and your hubby would seriously bond over music. Love your house! You used great colors!

  5. I love all of the colors and patterns in your house!! Can you come help me decorate mine?!?! :)

  6. loving all the color! the fireplace/tv nook is lovely, so fresh! xo

  7. ooh. loving the peeks into your world.

    love the mix of old and new.

    all of the pieces you have have so much character.

    and that rock wall is awesome. :)

  8. Your house is so pretty! Love your style!!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE. eclectic meets classic. perfect blend. and that's my fave verse. it's on our blog header :)

  10. So gorgeous! Amazing style. Humm...can you please come to my home and decorate it?? :-)

    You have a lovely home. So happy to have stumbled upon your blog this evening.