Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's a beautiful day

Today is Thursday and so that means it's time to

Tuesday the girls and I decided to have a picnic. It was the day before school started_  I had had to go run some errands that morning_and all I kept feeling was the "momma guilt". This was there last day home and I wanted to do something kinda fun for them. Not spend the day grocery shopping. 
Grayson had gone to work with his dad so it was just us girlies together. But everything seemed to be working against us. I had a zillion & 1 things I needed to get done plus I've had a sinus infection or a cold of some kind for around 4 days now. I have felt yucky. It's zapping my energy level and I rarely feel bad and I don't do well feeling bad. :)
Anywho they kept begging for chic-fil-a while out picking up some snacks & groceries. So I caved and we went through the drive thru. We came home and I was racking my brain trying to think of what we could do...something that didn't require a lot of "energy". 
I finally told them to go get the blanket and we would have a picnic outside. They gathered our things and we went out under our favorite tree in the backyard. 
Nothing fancy...but to them it was... uninterrupted time that speaks you are more important. 
I left my phone, the computer, and we just sat & played. 
I think I may have enjoyed it more than them.
Thanks to chic-fil-a and our kids meals we were able to be entertained by playing with our prize,  Pictureka. Then they got tired of that and we had to get our UNO on for a bit.

Once again I was reminded ... it's the little things...that mean so much. 
Like Polynesian Sauce...gosh it's so good....
A kind word_ a hug_ a smile_ unplugging_ time spent_ being present amidst all the chaos_  
the world in which we live seems to scream chaos. 
The have to have_ have to get_ have to be. 
Yet I'm reminded we can have the present and that can be.... just enough. :)

Heather :)


  1. Food+blanket+time= tons of smiles and memories

    Funny how it seems so simple, yet the time is the hardest part! Thanks for embracing the camera and reminding me that memories don't have to be made by big plans. It really is the little things! :) And by the way, your girls are gorgeous!

  2. cuties :) simple joys are the best!

  3. chick fil a and girl time...2 of my favorite things! your girls are so photogenic, like their mama

  4. Absolutely love it! I find myself getting caught up in that "entertain" mode when really it is the simple things that matter, we did something similar on Tuesday, just relaxing in the backyard brings some of their favorite moments. XO

  5. It's the times like this they'll be remembering and talking about years from now :)
    Hope you get to feeling better.

  6. thanks for reminding me of the things that matter most!

  7. don't you just love a little time with the girlies??!! Now I need chick fil A