Monday, August 22, 2011

Lightbulb Moment

Last Sunday was the first week for oldest, being in 6th grade now, to go into service with us. 
Our church has a phenomenal children's ministry and each of my kids have an age appropriate
class they go into. However, last week was move-up son falling into that category. 

As he got dressed into "real" clothes(if you read my post from Friday you understand that) I could tell he was excited. He was excited to go with us and hear the adult message. No more games_ snack time_ making a craft_ he was old enough now to be with adults.

As we stood next to each other the band played, we sang, he clapped_ and I had a lightbulb moment. The kind that makes you stop and pause..I couldn't get past how awesome it's going to be to watch his life _ his love for Jesus grow_ for it to become more real to him with each year that he matures_ for him to independently worship.
It will no longer be about us... but solely about him & his relationship.

When their little we're busy teaching_instilling_ pouring into their lives
(not that that will ever stop totally but with him getting older) it comes to that place where
we've done our part and it's going to be up to him to respond_act_ move_ give_ serve.

It was a sweet moment to think of him being passionately in love with the one who 
created him to be. Our kids are used to hearing that they're purposed and that God has big things in store for them. We believe that to be true for all of them. 
And I couldn't help but become more expectant...even as I watched my son clap and listened to him sing.....

Heather :)
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  1. You've raised him well, friend.

  2. how exciting! it probably ignites new passion in your faith to watch him grow too!

  3. heather this post is so beautiful! I love how you have helped foster the relationship between the Lord and your son and now you are setting him on his own.

  4. love your blog! this post is so sweet

  5. Love it! My oldest also joins us in service on Sunday mornings. I love watching her worship! Those are the sweetest mom moments!

  6. So sweet. You think he's gonna be rockin the guitar soon like his daddy in worship? The video we have of him when he was like 2 "playing" the guitar is still to this day one of my all time faves!....and that says a lot knowing all the video i've got on Roz and Jules :) love y'all.

  7. So sweet. You sound like a great mama! I think God has great plans in store for your special boy! :) xo

  8. That's so exciting about your son :) I Can't imagine how amazing it must be as a parent to see your child's relationship grow with God!

  9. i can't wait to praise and worship with my kids one day!thats so powerful


  10. oh, heather! i love this. so beautiful for you and your son! it encourages me too, as mine is only a toddler now. can't wait to see how the lord grows us both! xo

  11. Wow. What a moment.
    And what truth.
    Beautiful! xx