Friday, August 5, 2011

Guest Post: Kinze from schilling times

I met Kinze awhile back after reading one of her posts on miscarriage. She is a beautiful person inside & out and I feel privileged that she would be my guest for today.
Her name is pretty awesome too!

I'll be guest posting for her over at schillingtimes.
So head over and check her blog out. 
And with that I'm going to let her take it away....

 hi ... i'm kinze!

i'm so excited to be guest blogging on heather's blog today ...
this will be a first for me ... so bare with me please!

soooo ... to get started i'll introduce you to my lovelies!

my amazing hubby (josh)!

and together we have three amazing kiddos!

brooklyn- almost 2 in a week!

 i'm a stay at home momma and my husband and i are real estate investors
(we buy sell and rent homes) ... well him more than i ... but i say i because i'm very much involved ... and how am i involved?! ... well ... the flipping part ... we often flip the homes that we live in!
ha ... so that means we have moved a lot in our almost 8 years of marriage!

heather had asked if i could share about our experience with moving
since she is getting ready to settle into her adorable new home!

well ... we have moved 6 times in 8 years and all the times we've moved ... i've either been pregnant or have had an infant under 4 weeks old (crazy i know) ... but you know what ... we LOVE to move ...
yes ... we really do ... often my husband and i joke about how we are addicted to it!   we love change!
with our last move we packed and unpacked our whole home in 13 hours ... just him and i!

with our properties business we are always on the lookout for homes and every so often one comes across that it just makes sense to move!  with all of this moving i find that i don't really get attached to my homes ... maybe it's because most homes we move into we have the same color pallet and instantly it feels like ours!  we set up our stuff the same way ... we don't go out and buy all new furniture
and decor with each move ... i wish ... but we don't!

  i know that many times people who are moving feel that they are leaving their memories behind ... but i feel that the memories are tucked inside our hearts ... not our homes!

and with that being said ... this is a verse that i've leaned on many times in our line of business ...

knowing that we are only here on earth for just a short while 
and that we have an eternal home waiting for us in heaven!
a home so grand ... made by God!
wow ... God the creator of the whole earth ... just image a home designed by Him! 

so when we are looking for that perfect house
or not feeling content with the home we live in
remember ... these are our temporary homes.
be excited about our eternal home! 
 for that is the home that we ought to be preparing for!


  1. Kinze, this puts it all in's so true. :)

  2. Great post, Kinze! You are always an inspiration!

  3. Kinze your family is so beautiful! cant wait to start reading your blog!

  4. Kinze, I love your blog! We have the moving bug too. I start to get the itch after 2-3 years of being in one home. I love the process of remodeling.

  5. Hey Kinze! So cool to see you over here:)

  6. Wow, two of my favorite ladies in one spot! Great post kinze! God has taught me such a lesson in contentment and what we truly "need" in a home or just "want".

  7. sooo need this!! It seems the last few weeks, our conversations circle around the idea of putting our little home up on the market and moving into more of a forever home... but oh it is not our forever home, NEED to remember that! Thank you

  8. loved this kinze! can't wait to read ur blog! :) ur family is beautiful! xoxo

  9. home is where your family is ... not where all the "stuff" is ... great perspective!