Friday, January 6, 2012

About Joy

Yesterday I read Ann Voskamp's blog  and felt like I had to share it today.
I've spoken of her often because reading her book opened my eyes to so many things.
Mostly, she helped me to see and pick out little things throughout my ordinary
 laundry that needs to be folded
 dirty floors
 dishes in the sink life.... that I can be thankful for.
It was more than just me saying I'm thankful for running water and air.
It was deeper.
It was seeing the flower youngest had picked in the yard for me
 the kiss that my son gave me and then walked back to give another
 the warm sunshine felt on my face
 the colors & shades in the sky
all as gifts from up above.

It is impossible for me to stay in a slumber or live fearful when I'm in a state
of picking apart my day... picking apart moments in my day that the Lord is bestowing upon me all for my sake...
After all, I woke up today and hopefully you did to and we breathed in air
which is the first thing we can always say is a gift...
He's given us another day.
I want Joy today and everyday and I have to confess I have found myself at times fearful
 feeling sorry for myself
and have ultimately let things rob me of this Joy.

Which is why I find this "Dare" a great way to make this a habit_
to have this make up who I am.
And did I mention I love when someone dares me to do something.

Now I also know none of us need another thing added on our to do list.
Which is why I kinda debated even mentioning it on here.
Because we all know how many ideas and things there are with it being a
New Year that everyone thinks we should do.
So if this feels that way by all means pass it up.
The little directives each day ask for 3 things and for me I'm going to just include it into my reading the bible/journal time.
And here's the deal if I miss a day or even 2.. that's O.k.
I can pick it up where I left off.
I had started taking a picture a day on the 1st and already the past couple of days have included things I've seen as gifts.
So I figure it'll be fun after the year to look back and see pictures but also be able to read that on January 4th my gift was blue skies and the Lord bringing that back to my 
remembrance from years ago.

Ann writes and speaks way better than I could ever so you should definitely go and follow her blog if you haven't already.
She consistently offers insight into ordinary events that happen in life.
She is giving away this "Joy Dare" so that you can print it out and put it on your refrigerator_ your desk_ or anywhere you can see it. 
If you want the Pdf format you can go here to get it.
Now go write down a gift that's in your bag
 your fridge
 and your heart..... I dare ya. ;)


  1. I love that dare. im going to print it out.
    love you sweet friend.

  2. gonna print it:) thankful for the gift of you:)