Monday, January 9, 2012

I "see" You

This little machine youngest got for Christmas and was one of her favorite things! I really think when she's older she'll wind up doing something that has to do with food. Cooking_ baking_ ingredients_ getting to make something herself_ she's into it all. She loves every part of it. Well this DQ maker allows her to do it on her own and then the end result of course, is yummy ice cream. We've tried it out a few times and it still gets the same thrill. I just wish they made non fattening you won't wear it later on your bum ice cream. One of the best part's of this whole thing though, is that she gets to give some to all of us. You can see it on her face as she makes a cup and then gives them to each of us to taste. And I love getting to sit back and watch her do the very thing that she enjoys. Times like these I really get to "see" her. As a momma, a covering for my kids_ I can't imagine ever not enjoying or welling up with thankfulness at seeing my children get to do something that brings them joy... even if it's as simple as making ice cream in a little DQ maker. Happy Monday ya'll! :)



  1. That is so neat. My girls would love that. Our middle daughter wants to be a chef. Loves loves to play in the kitchen!

  2. Aww how fun!! That reminds of me and my Easy-Bake-Over. LOVED that thing when I was a kid! :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. I bet that is so fun for her. And for you, with all that ice cream!

  4. LoL, I love your "wear it later on your bum" comment!