Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh, the Stories They will Tell

Hubs drove up to the school to drop the girls off and they hurriedly scurried out of the car and away. Youngest forgetting a poster board {her project due} laying behind on the car seat. Hubs called her name several times and she ignored him as she tried to get away as fast as she could.

   Jode is a layed back_ do his thing_ likes to play_ kind of guy. And when it comes to the kids… he likes to play around a lot. For instance, at Christmas time he found it funny as he’s walking into Target to belt out a line or two from Jingle Bells. Just for the shock factor of nothing less but to embarrass our kids. Or he’s been known to turn on some Lynrd Skynrd and sing loudly as he’s pulling through the drop off line at school. Some may say he’s giving them a complex but we like to think he’s building character.

   So back to youngest forgetting her project in the car and hurrying away_ the above explanation is why. She did finally come back when another student stopped her to tell her the deal-y-o.

    And youngest is funny in that she pretty much does her own thing. In what she thinks is cool, etc. Like in PE at school they’re covering and doing a little dancing…. Do se do, line, etc. So she comes in the other day and her and middle are discussing how they were partnered up and who they had to dance with.  They’re still at the age where they would rather dance with a girl than be put with a boy bc they’re so gross & smell bad. Youngest pipes in and says “ I made him hold my wrists”. “Nu,uh, I told him not my hands” and she showed us how she offered him her wrists. I told her you go baby. I’ve heard of the no kissing before marriage but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the no holding hands…only the wrists.

     Oldest is a short time away from turning the big 13 and being a full blown teenager. And some time ago we were on the topic of circumcision/covenant/ all that deepness and he asked if he would have to be circumcised. Hubs jumped on the opportunity and for a few weeks oldest has been thinking when he turns 13 he will have to have that little procedure done {which for the record he already had at birth}. So we’re sitting in church Sunday and pastor starts talking briefly, but still about the scripture and circumcision. Hubs and I are sitting there knowing what is running through oldest’s head and wanting to laugh out loud. I don’t think he moved a muscle or hardly blinked the whole service….hubs fessed up and told the whole truth later when we got in the car. Oldest laughed_ was relieved_ and probably slept a little better Sunday night…

Kids are funny and sometimes they say and do the funniest things and I forget. Like I don’t make a mental note to remember so that I can tell about it later. Or maybe when we're old & grey they'll want to tell about us later, either way. One day they’ll be married and we’ll all be sitting around the table or they’ll be sitting with their counselor and it’ll be funny to reminisce and think on these times…hopefully.

Ya’ll today I’m honored to be guest posting over at Leslie’s blog the top of the page.
She asked me to write on what grace is to me. So when you get a chance, go give her some blog lovin’ . She’s full of wisdom and does a series each week called Grace on Thursdays. I always look forward to her posts’ and take away something of goodness each time.

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  1. Oh my goodness, your husband sounds hilarious!

  2. haha to funny about the circumcision ... funny post!

  3. Jeannie Holden TaylorJanuary 26, 2012 at 5:37 PM

    So funny......I am so blessed to be able to keep up with you guys through your blog!! Love seeing your beautiful children and crazy hubby! Y'all are so beautiful and your words so encouraging! Please give some Taylor/ Holden love to all!!

  4. Poor Gray...shame on you and Jode ;). Lol..... I guarantee you that's one he'll be telling years down the road! :)

  5. What a great post! Your hubs sounds like he keeps you happy. You have SO many blessing!! :)

  6. um, love this post! needed a laugh:)
    i love you xo

  7. Love this. I also read Leslie's blog too. Speak to you later next week. Happy Weekend to you and your crew.

  8. my honey prays that the ewww factor lasts a very very long time. too cute!