Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a New Year

Oh wow it feels like forever & ever since I've had the chance to write....
So many things going on with the holidays
having family come in to be with us and then leaving immediately to go out of town to be
with our other family.
We finally pulled back into our driveway about 5pm yesterday and my how it felt good.
Not good to be away from family,
just good to be back in our bed_ taking a bath in our tub_ etc...
And I always find myself even more thankful for all of my things after being away from them
and then coming back. I know they're just "things" but I can be thankful for those "things" too.

The kids started back at it with school bright & early this morning.
I'm always torn when they start back_ hating to let them go.
I know that probably sounds silly but I sincerely like them being around and it's always a little adjustment to get back into the swing again.
Especially after all the late nights & movie watching & sleeping late...
But they were excited to go
making sure to pick out the just-right outfit and cleaning out their book sack so they started all fresh.

And oldest started back to school today carrying now with him a phone.
We held off for as long as we could but with him getting to the age of staying home alone
 basketball practice
 going over to friends
 we felt like it was more of a need than anything.
As I dropped him off I felt kinda good knowing that he can text me if he needs to or for that matter
I can text him to tell him I love him.... like I did first thing after pulling off.
I can't help myself.
They are my babes and I know I probably mess up with them more times than not but I feel incredibly blessed that God put them in my care.
And I pray that we are
 a life of faith
 prayerfully seeking Him
 not living life as a victim but a victor
and that they see that this life is so much more than just about themselves and our 4 walls.
But that they know their light can shine in places they don't even realize yet and they can be
used in a mighty way.

I'm excited for this year and what it holds for us as a family and individually.
I desire a year of growth and I'm going to be intentional with that.
When I think about only having 6-10 years left of instilling into my kids all that I can_
I want it to count
I want to give them more than I was given
And you can't give what you don't have.... or know.
So I will grow this year
 seeking Him for His guidance
 being available to be used
 with everything flowing through us
for something far greater than we could ever imagine or do on our own strength.

PS. I'm starting the 365 day project where you take at least 1 picture a day for a year.
I hope I can keep up with it... but more than that I just hope I can remember to ;)


  1. so glad y'all are back. can't wait to hear all about it, maybe we can get together this week. :)

  2. My boys go back to school tomorrow and I'm feeling the same way. I really love our time at home, but I know they are ready to get back to the school routine. Happy 2012 to you sweet friend!

  3. So beautiful! Happy New Year!

  4. Love these photos. Happy New Year.

  5. school starts for us this wednesday and i am so not ready for it. the kids drive me crazy but i love having them home with me, it's a good kind of crazy. happy new year to you!!

  6. Ahh, now this post is a great way to start off a new year! Beautiful and heartfelt, just like you!

  7. lovely pics heather. so glad to see you guys :) i feel the same way when my kids go back to school. i hate to let them go again!! but part of me is so excited to have some time to myself, of course. happy new year!!

  8. Love this! :) Glad you had such a wonderful time with your sweet and beautiful family. I look forward to following along with your adorable family this year! :)

  9. beautiful photos, as always!
    happy new year, loved this post, dear friend!

  10. what a beautiful family! It looks like you guys had an amazing and blessed holiday season! I'm new to your blog and I love it. I can't wait to read more.

    happy 2012!