Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Par-tay and a Friend

Meet Shon from the 
I didn’t know what to expect when signing up to take part in the New Year’s Blogging Party with AlyciaCasey, and Danielle. All I knew is that it’s always fun to meet someone new and there was a gift involved. Mail! I would get to send & receive something fun in the mailbox….and you all know my love affair with mail. 
Shon and I were paired up and we got right to it. 
We immediately started emailing back & forth to get to know each other better and quickly found out we have a lot in common. 
She lives in the same State as I do along with other things like she likes to sew, she enjoys thriftin’, she loves Jesus, she’s a momma to 3 kids, and she is just a sweet, sweet person. 

We have talked about meeting up and having coffee some time in the near future. 
That is full circle for me, and gets me giddy just thinking about it.

 So thoughtful that Shon purchased something hand made for me. 
My card and the colors I could eat. I like it that much! 
My necklace has 3 little birdies in it and is pure wonderfulness. 
Thank you Shon for my "happy" and thank you for being my new found friend.



  1. Gorgeous! What a beautiful necklace. I loved participating in this gift exchange! :)

    I'm your newest follower!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Loved this link up party, too, and have had so much fun being introduced to so many new darling gals--like you! I'm following you and will be back for sure!

    Jessi from Hopes and Dreams

  3. I love those necklaces! Lucky you!

  4. What a precious necklace! Shon sounds wonderful! I'm so happy you got paired with someone from your state...please let us know if you guys do ever have a "blate" (blog date)!

    We were so excited to participate in this swap with the wonderful Samantha who commented above.

    We're now following your blog & would love for you to visit ours. Stop by to see what Samantha gave us! She's a sweetheart!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. It is so great that you are possibly able to get together! I wish we could all "get -together" somehow...I guess this party is it, lol! Stopping by from the link up-new follower:)

  6. Love it! I am so grateful that we got a chance to do this. I can not wait to meet you in person. We need to start planning!;) Enjoy your "happy"! It looks beautiful on you.

  7. Hello there...new to your blog by way of the linkup and glad I found your little creative space on the web. In love with the necklace...what a sweet surprise:D Enjoy your day!


  8. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift!

  9. how thoughtful! And ok, I may have just blog stalked you and wanted to cry over your last post! SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the lessons you pointed out to your girls. ALL SO TRUE yet we all fell into that trap at one point didn't we? Ah, if only we had listened to our mamas. New Follower and FAN!

  10. awwww super sweet! Getting any kind of real mail is the best!!!

  11. this is so lovely. brings tears to me eyes, girls. love it!
    hooray for blogging! xo