Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

for all the nice birthday wishes. 
If I had to pick one word to describe this birthday it would be "thoughtful".
Seriously spoiled am I.... for  heaven's sake Jode's (no J. this time) post yesterday was
quite impressive and very sweet. He loves me so well, like really.
And for the record, though I wish I was closer to the number 26,... I'm really 35. 
Like how did I even get this old because I sure don't feel like that number.

Jode had heard me say at Christmas time when the girls had gotten their Tom's that I may like to have some too. So he picked me out a pair of cute red corduoroy ones. 
You all remember my luv of red shoes right, I kind of have a thing for them.
And now I feel super cool wearing my red Tom's too, which make them all the better.

I was greeted first thing by signs and balloons yesterday morning that the kids had drawn.

The night before Jode tried to make a cake and when I found it that morning sitting on the counter this is what it looked like. I think a chunk must have fallen off the side.....;)

This card was my favorite and kind of ironic to find sitting in my mailbox that afternoon because yesterday morning I started a new bible study called "Do you think I'm beautiful" by Angela Thomas. 
 It made me want to cry.... happy tears, of course.

That evening the kids and Jode set in to cooking me dinner but not just any dinner.
He did what all good men should do that don't know a ton about cooking... he consulted Paula Deen.  The recipe he chose consisted of stuffed manicotti shells with sauce, salad, and bread. 
I was too full from eating out at lunch to eat a whole bunch but the point was that he had fixed dinner and I didn't have to worry with 3 hungry mouths to feed.... thoughtful.

And lastly they sang_ I wished_ and then I blew out those candles on another year gone by.



  1. Glad you had a great birthday!! Love your new shoes!

  2. Looks like a wonderful birthday :)
    Im jealous of your toms, I still want a pair!

  3. you deserve all of it heather!! the wishes, the post from Jode, the cards, cake and of course...the red shoes! I love those! Toms looked terrible on my wide feet but I love the way they look on everyone else!

  4. That's so sweet! Glad your birthday was great.

  5. You are just beautiful miss birthday girl. I am going to be 34 in a few months. How did that happen??? Glad your day was so special! xoxo

  6. happy birthday!! you look so much younger than 35. :) really!!

  7. how did i not know it was your birthday?? happy birthday my sweet friend. you may not know this but you have such a soft spot in my heart. i love to see how well your family loves you because it's a reflection of how well you love them.
    glad you had a sweet, family filled birthday. looks perfect to me.

    ps-whats the study on? is it you or a group? sounds interesting.

  8. sweetness and adorable! thrilled you had a bam day! love you!

  9. Happy Birthday a day late! Looks like it was wonderful :) Jode did good...real good ;)

  10. sigh. what a beautiful overview of your day full of love. you are blessed!!

  11. Happy Birthday Heather! Glad you were showered with love from your awesome family :)

  12. If that striped hat came from Target, I had it!! It squeezed my brain too much and I had to donate it. I hope whoever got it has a smaller head than me!! :) You look really cute in it!;)