Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nothing But Cold.... and Blue Skies

Here in South Carolina the weather has been cold.
I'm sure this is nothing compared to some of my friends in North Dakota_ Colorado and such
but for us and what these body temps are used to... it's bundle up time cause' if not 
your hands & face are going to freeze off.
The last few mornings and nights have been our coldest temps of the year.
But our skies are so blue and that seems to make it ok.

I remember our time living in Pennsylvania and in the winter the skies were so grey which I never 
had been used to beings I'm from Louisiana. 
So I remember waking up at my MIL's house in Mississippi that 2nd year after living there
and seeing the bluest sky out the window.
It was beautiful ... and had such an impact that I told myself I would never take them for granted again.
It may be January and a little blah-like but we still have and they're a pretty blue.
And I still have these girlys_ guy(not shown)_ and my hubs to keep me company 
which makes it all the better. ;)



  1. Aw you are the sweetest mama! :) I grew up in IL and I remember the cold all too well...but we always had gray skies!!

  2. You are totally a hat person!! Sorry to hear it is so cold there...I am going to rub it in and tell you it is sunny and in the 60s in Austin this week!

  3. Sweet pictures! And in MN, we're actually having a heat wave..... 43 degrees today ~ typically it's 15-20 degrees :)

  4. lol, Jode is cracking me up that he just keeps on doing what he is doing while the hugging and picture taking is going on! It has been cold for sure, shoot I feel like I have had the heater running 24/7 but I totally agree with you about the blue skies, makes it all better.

  5. cute pictures :) Sorry it's so cold! Here in Texas the weather keeps fluctuating, and it's making everybody sick.. maybe not everyone, but most certainly me!

  6. That last pic of you and Jode really makes me miss yall and wish yall lived close by :(

  7. it has been cold here, hasn't it?! i walk my little ones to school each morning, and this week was pretty brutal! on tuesday, it was 19 degrees! my poor kiddos looked like the kids from A Christmas Story - they could barely move cause they had so many layers on! haha. :) ps- i love that hat! lora

  8. This is why I love you and your blog so much. You see the beauty in it all.

  9. love you! your photos are p r e t t y as always.
    we are actually having a warm, 40 degrees, spell. rather nice:)

    hugs xo

  10. and PS we almost always have sunshine here. they call north dakota the "sunflake" state or something. lol. i am sure i wouldn't make it if it was too grey or gloomy:( soon we will be forty BELOW. guess then i will check airline tickets to visit YOU;)

  11. hope you guys are staying warm!! :) it's been so cold here in AZ too!!! you look beautiful, as always, heather!! <3