Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Crazy Wife

Hey there H. You like that?! H…?!?!
It’s my turn… It’s me J…  by the way, since when have I been known as J?
See what you don’t know, in the beginning _when you tirelessly wore me out setting this blog up _ i remembered your password.
So I am hacking you to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!           
It’s YOUR birthday… (picture the midget singing it on the little round table top)!

I want our kids to know from the bottom of my heart _ that I think you are CRAZY!!!
Yep… crazy, wacked, slap nuts.
I think its CRAZY how big you DREAM … WACKED how large you LOVE … and SLAP NUTS how freely you GIVE.  

But most of all _ you are CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!
I know I tell you that often, because I want you to know that … OFTEN.
OK _I know _ enough.
Today as you gain another year and turn 26, please know that I LOVE Loving you from all that’s within me. Doing life with you is priceless.
So please know that I think you are CRAZY awesome… I love you girl!


  1. oh my goodness, this is the sweetest thing!! happy birthday, heather!!! you've got yourself a good one there ;)

  2. this is so sweet! love, love love! and happy birthday heather ;)

  3. Yea Jode! Good job! Happy Birthday Heather! Love you!!

  4. Yea Jode! Good job! Happy Birthday Heather! Love you!!

  5. Probably the most adorable post ever!! Way to go Jode!! Happy birthday sweet heather love you lots!

  6. awwwww, super sweet ;) happy birthday!

  7. this just made my heart melt. into a big puddle of mush.

    happy birthday friend.
    what an amazing blessing your husband is.

    and it sounds like clearly you are truly a blessing to him as well.

    here's to another year of love and laughter and blessings!

  8. haha ... so sweet! happy birthday to one of my bestest bloggie friends out there!!!!

  9. Oh my word, pure love!! Happy Birthday beautiful friend o' mine!

  10. So sweet!! Happy birthday!! :)

  11. y'all are so stinking cute. Glad it was a good birthday. :)

  12. dying. oh the cuteness. happiest celebrations of your darling life, heather baby! love you!