Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dream a little...

Do you dream?
When is the last time you allowed yourself to?
Maybe it's a small dream
or maybe it's big
or maybe it's something you wouldn't even want to speak of yet
But do dream
allow yourself this
you're worth it
your spouse is worth it
your kids are worth it
So dream
about things to come
about things that can be
about things promised 
but dream.... do dream.



  1. so beautiful! And so true. I went through my "quarter life crisis" a few years back and felt incomplete, which thoroughly offended my husband, until I explained how I was happy with my family, my friends...but I needed something just for me. And even though it was difficult to tell my best friend of almost 8 years at that point that I wasn't completely happy, it has brought a new understanding between us that I wouldn't trade for anything! :0)

  2. So important. Love this post!

  3. I need to do more of this dreamin thing. thanks.

    LOVE those pics, one of yours?!

  4. I remind myself that dreaming helps you to keep moving forward. If you lose your dreaming, it can be no fun to do anything. Love the pics, to!