Wednesday, June 22, 2011

15 Years

15 years ago today I married Calvin Joseph Holden(yea but he goes by "Jode", we laugh cause' we think it came from Joseph?) _he was 20_I was 19. Whew..has it ever been a ride. Haha... and can you say, awful, or just say awww for us in that above picture because we were a mess...just didn't have a clue. 

We both have changed so much over 15 years and I always say how awesome it would be to now get to plan our wedding..knowing all, or the little of what we know now.
There have been great times, trying times, wanting to quit times, but we've held on tight & fought for "us" and for "what is ours".

Statistically, the odds have always been stacked against us. High school sweethearts married right out of high school & coming from divorced parents & grandparents on both sides. We've had to learn and sometimes re-learn "us" and how to have a healthy hasn't always been easy...but it has always & continues to be so worth it! 

Jode and I have one factor that has been the difference maker and that is our love, trust, and belief in Jesus Christ. He is the difference maker in our marriage and how we have made it through. Always at the end of the day we know we've promised/vowed before a holy God "forever" and we have been so blessed for it along the way. 

Our story is by far a perfect one... but it's our story and everyday another page is being written. These past 15 years have flown by and so I know the next 15 will probably do the same. But I'm excited/hopeful/expectant to see where God leads us/takes us in this journey. Good things are behind us, but greater things are ahead for us..... I can't wait!;)

One person could be overpowered.
But two people can stand up for themselves.
And a rope made out of three cords isn't easily broken.  Ecclesiastes 4:12

Ok. so since today is our anniversary & all..I wanna do something kinda out of the box. Aren't these earrings the cutest...I know, they're everywhere, right. Well,...if you would like a pair of these cuties, you don't have to do anything for me. I want to give you a pair...just because.. just a little "happy" for today. Now obviously, you will have to leave a comment so that I can contact you about sending them to you. But that's it...yay for cutesy earrings and for 
Happy Anniversary's!

Heather :) 


  1. You can save the precious earrings for another commenter, but...I wanted to tell you that I love yall and I am so proud of you! What an awesome testimony. He is our sustainer.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Wow, 15 years is a serious milestone! We'll be approaching 6 years this August. Time sure does fly, especially with kids!

  3. Happy Anniversary! God is so good to us to bless us with these Holden boys :) Love you and had fun with your boy these past several days. Lots of smack talk been going on around here! ;)

  4. and just for clarification for the rest of the world, when i say "your boy", I mean your in my nephew :)