Monday, June 27, 2011

Knocking down some pins

While looking for something for the fam to do this weekend, Jode found a deal at AMF Bowling 
for $30. It allows you to bring up to 3 adults & kids are free to bowl til' September. 
We're really not big bowlers but it's fun and it gives the kids another little something to do through the summer, so we bought it...and went bowling. 
All of us are pretty competitive and hubs shows no mercy on trying to get as many strikes as he can. 
But thats Ok cause' I want to know when I beat him that I beat him fair & square_ there was no helping me out_no mercy shown. :) 

The girls kept making fun of Jode cause' he has a leg swing that he does...but it's probably like the professional thing to do...

Heather :)

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