Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rooster Feathers_ We're One of the Crazy Ones

Rooster Feathers..who would've thought! This is one of hottest_ sought after_hard to find_ paying a fortune_fads that are out there right now.. I guess that's the affect Steven Tyler has on people.

After a lot of convincing_begging really_ I took my girls to get their feathers put in. 
I really wanted to do it myself because it's uber easy and I have the tool....I just needed the feathers. haha....but that's the funny part because apparently, they're feathers that fly fishermen use and so the quantities are being wiped out, leaving the fishermen with little stock. 
I finally decided it was too much hassle and we went to a nearby salon to have them done...which took her all of 7minutes for both girls.

It's $8 a feather and then the 3rd is $5. So you at least have to get 2 because they're hard to see if not. Then you pay $1 to add a piece of tinsel with it. Yes, tinsel as in, little shimmery strands. But they stay up to 3 months, can be washed, & when they come out if you save the feathers they can be put back in.

They are super super cute. I'm thinking I kinda would like some myself. 
$34 dollars for 7 minutes isn't too bad if you're the one putting these beautimus feathers in.

Yea, I guess we're one of the crazy ones...:)

Heather :) 

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