Monday, June 13, 2011

Family Night

Not too long back I was inspired by a family (The Whitakers) who had family nights where they picked a theme and went with it. Which led me to start doing our own fam nights. We've always had a game night. Where one night a week we tried to play a game together as a family and the kids have always enjoyed that so much.

They say laughter is the best medicine and Lord knows we all could use more laughter & play together. I want my kids to have fun with us, by just being them, to laugh at how ridiculous we all are together...why...because we are family, I got all my brothers/sisters with me, we are family....

We started out by writing all their different ideas on paper and putting them in a bucket. We then drew 1 at a time and filled in on the cal 1 night a week, the topic of our special night. Some examples were: Sports Night, Hide-n-go seek, Pick a color, fav Musician night, Movie night, Justin Bieber Night, I'm not me, I'm you night.....just to name a few.

I'm not me, I'm you__ we each drew out each other's name out of the bucket. We weren't supposed to tell who we drew..we were to just go and get our outfits on. Well Grayson drew his own name but didn't tell anyone until we all came out dressed, except him. So we told him he couldn't get away with that..he had to pick someone, so he picked his dad.

Gabi picked her dad and for some reason felt the need to not smile in trying to be him. She doesn't play  when it comes to this...ha

Kayli picked Gabi so she was very happy.

I picked Kayli and Jode got me!! I was soooo proud of him for getting into this and going to this extreme. Our kids about peed themselves when he walked out from the bedroom.

Justin Bieber Night: Let's just say we rocked the house down....ha. Cause' we're just wild & crazy like that!

Can you tell that our kids aren't the only ones having a blast with this. We are kinda enjoying it too and hopefully we are making memories that our kids will never forget.

Heather :) 


  1. Love it! Glad you had fun! Nothing like making memories! H

  2. I just came across your blog and thought i'd say hello! :) Welcome to the blog world! HUGS

  3. First time reader. Love this Family night! Kids aren't the only ones who need it ;)

  4. no.

    more like, no jode did not.
    him dressed as you. i am dying.

    these family nights are the funnest things EVER!

    i am CERTAIN these will go down in your kids memory banks forEVER!