Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inspirational Thursday (warning this post contains a cuss word)

I stumbled upon this store while having my hair did a few weeks back but didn't have an opportunity to go inside. So me and the hubs checked it out yesterday and Oh. My. Goodness. it is a funky, vintage lovin', filled to the top, store of inspiration, kinda place. Like you literally have to step over things just to get through ...I felt like I couldn't take it all in. There's stuff hanging from the ceiling, stacked on top of each other, & places you can't even get to.

This is the "Oh. My. Goodness. face" upon walking in. :)

Shinola is the name of this little gem so I had to see what that meant. K, you ready...the dictionary refers to it as "no shinola!"  meaning You are kidding! or no S_ _ t!  "So taxes are too high? No Shinola!" haha  Or you could say "this place is so inspiring & filled with great finds" which someone could reply "No Shinola!"

Anyways, I did a lot of oohing & ahhing while looking in Shinola and can't wait to go back!

Heather :) 


  1. Heather...OH MY GOODNESS! What an awesome store. I would love to wandea around thru there for hours with a cup of coffee and a handful of cash! HA!

  2. And I wish you were here to wander around with in that store! :)

  3. Oh My!!! If we ever make it up there to visit, this place will definitely be on TOP of the things to do list! FO SHO:)