Sunday, June 5, 2011

While the Boys Were Away

The weekend really seemed to fly by. Grayson & Jode were in Florida leading worship for C3 church. Anytime Jode gets to play his guitar, do it in the church, and gets to use his gifting, it's a good day. Our next 3 weekends are booked with him playing/singing at different places and so we are excited to be on the road.

It was a quick trip but they got to have some 1-on-1, getting rid of some male-testosterone- time together. From what I hear there was a crash where Grayson's wheels came off the ground, he got some bruises to show for it, and there was some smack talk happening.

As for me and the girls, we did what everybody does...we shopped and had a slumber party. They played American Idol til' 11:30pm and then we had another round "the morning edition of American Idol."

For breakfast they wanted me to make beignets(cause we're from Louisiana) and that's a treat we only get to have on special occasions.

Only I feel kinda bad cause' they think I really do make them. When all I really do is open up a can of biscuits, cut them up, fry them, and sprinkle(or pour) on the powdered sugar. It's all the same.. a lot of bad stuff for you that tastes really good.

There were some new bathing suits purchased... this year it's all about the ruffles & polka dots for us. We actually had fun doing this instead of it being a nightmare and I don't have to feel guilty cause' we got them all on sale for waaay good prices.

This about sums up our weekend. It came and went way too fast. And as usual while the boys were away...the girls shopped!

Heather :)

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  1. Cute suits! Love the colors, the ruffles, and the polka dots.