Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Grayson, Gabi, & Kayli

Dear Gray, Gab, & Kayli,
     School is almost out with just 1 full day and 2 half days to go. I'm excited about the summer and you getting to spend time with all the grandparents, cousins, etc.. I know how much you love getting all the 1 on 1 lovin' from MawMaw & Nanna, staying up late, playing, and the 9 hour car drive, right?
This year really did fly by and I am so proud of you with all that this year brought.

Kayli you have come out of your shell and learned to make new friends, you played hard, followed the rules to a tee, liked the cafeteria food, were always the first to be finished with your homework, and you loved hard.

Gabi your ability to never meet a stranger amazes me. Your teachers always say you love to talk...that we know_but you also put people at ease. You've had to work hard this year to bring up a grade and you've seen the benefits from it. You played softball for the first time and were able to be part of a team. Today we found out you were accepted into project Challenge Drama. Now you'll get to sharpen up those Drama skillz over the summer! Can't wait to see where that takes you...

And... Grayson, a chapter in your book closes as you move on from elementary to middle school. As your momma, all kinds of emotions with this new season arise. As I am so happy for you, yet all I want is to dig my heels down and hold on tight. It's a process for me, as I learn how to let you go a little more with each I've watched you change physically_ you are eye to eye with me now_ head to head and so very handsome.
You were accepted into the Avid Program and that is a great accomplishment! You are so smart and we want you to be confident as you go forward in that.

Your dad and I are forever here for all of you and will always help to push you so that you can see bigger_dream bigger_because our God.. is bigger.

Mrs. Addison's talk is here because I want you to be able to have it/ remember it. I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to have her as your teacher this year.. thankful for the principal, and for the school.

It's not what you leave to your children, it's what you leave in your children.

Heather :) 

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