Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stickers on Our Nails??

Me and the girls tried out a new product this past weekend...Salon Effects Polish Strips.
I had seen it on someone and thought it looked really good.
So I found it on sale and was able to buy 1 get 1 half off...which justified me having to buy 4 boxes of 4 different colors. :)

It comes 16 strips to a box but I didn't use nearly all of my strips doing my fingers so you could definitely get 2 uses out of it.

There are different sized strips and you match them up to your nail, then peel off the backing. It's like it suctions unto the nail....strange but it does. Any excess left at the end you file off and shape up.

Gabi chose the butterfly pattern called "Fly with me".

"Wild Child" was what Kayli chose. She kept telling everyone stickers were on our nails. They would say "ooh, I like your nails" and she would say "it's stickers." My mom put stickers on them." Which I guess, it kinda is....??

Mine was called "Laced Up" and it was O.k. Jode said it looked like spiders on my nails so that made me really not like it. Yea, I'm not too fond of spiders.

This was a little time consuming when doing it on myself. The directions said it would last up to 10 days but I took mine off with polish remover on the 5th day. That was a little messy,too because their was all of the sticky residue stuff that had to come off.

Overall, if I'm going to do my nails, I think I'm going to stick to polishing them...but I guess stickers are always fun...

Heather :) 

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  1. omgsh. i NEED this. i might pick some of this up TONIGHT.