Monday, June 20, 2011

Randomness & our weekend

Yay.. for getting my kids back this weekend after them being gone... and celebrating Jode on Father's Day. We drove in on Friday, quick scooped'em up, then drove back in late Saturday night. We had a full & packed weekend and I'm still re-grouping from everything. But I didn't
want to let it pass without writing a few thoughts_takeaways_blessings from the weekend:

  • seeing my kids sing & enjoy the VBS songs/program
  • laughing with fam about stories of past
  • a mother in law of influence
  • girls first go cart ride
  • hearing my girls tell of the waitress they met and then got to bring a birthday gift to
  • a healed ear infection
  • gifts that were given for Father's Day
  • celebrating a self-less husband
  • being given the cutest pair of earrings by sister in law
  • seeing cousins express their love for my kids
  • hearing oldest disappointed that he wasn't spending Father's Day with his dad
  • watching my girls text/call just to tell the fam how much they miss them already
  • Jode getting to play guitar in church

Heather :) 


  1. I love the VBS shirts this year! Oh, and for the record...I grew up with Tim Tebow. Ok, we went to the same church. It's my claim to fame...not a very good one though!

  2. Your family looks so cute! Hope you had a great weekend :)